Former President George W. Bush visited the Center for the Intrepid, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, March 24.

During his visit, Bush met with a group of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen, who are currently undergoing care at CFI and Brooke Army Medical Center. While touring the facilities, his first stop was the physical therapy department followed by the prosthetics fabrication lab.

During BushAca,!a,,cs tenure in office, he visited BAMC in January 2006 and CFI in November 2007. The CFI is an outpatient facility under the command and control of BAMC and specifically the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation.

The four-story, 65,000 square foot outpatient rehabilitation facility houses state-of-the-world technologies designed to be used for rehabilitation, research, education and training.

Bush's visit concluded with Brig. Gen. James K. Gilman, commander of Great Plains Regional Medical Command and BAMC; and CFI and BAMC staff.