FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Fort Rucker intramural softball teams continue to battle it out in regular season play, and one team reigned over its opponents in one of the highest scoring games of the season so far.

The Fort Rucker Fire Department, Plug Uglies, dominated the 1st Battalion, 13th Aviation Regiment's Real Game during a game at the post softball fields May 16, beating them 26-4.

"We had strong pitching, a stellar defense behind him, and when you have that kind of confidence in your team, the hits just come," said Tim Wilson, coach for Plug Uglies.

Real Game took to the plate first and started off with a solid shot to left field for a base hit. They managed to get a few runners on base, but Plug Uglies' defense came out strong and didn't let the 1-13th advance past second base.

As Plug Uglies took their turn at bat, they got off on the right foot with back-to-back doubles to bring in a run early on, which would only be the start of their scoring streak.

The fire department team managed to keep the ball on the ground and out of the hands of their opponents to get runners on base, and coupled with multiple errors by the 1-13th gave Plug Uglies numerous opportunities to score, and score they did.

Real Game couldn't seem to keep the ball in their gloves, even dropping multiple pop flies, allowing the fire department team to keep runners on base, eventually loading the bases.

With bases loaded, Real Game's pitcher couldn't find the sweet spot and started lobbing balls, bringing in four runs by walks alone.

Plug Uglies continued their onslaught until finally a hit toward the pitcher, which is considered illegal and an automatic out, sent the fire department into back into the outfield, up 19-0 in just the first inning.

Real game had their work cut out if they had any hope to stay in the game, but they didn't go into the second inning off on the right foot with a pop up to left field for their first out and a foul out with their second at bat.

They finally managed to get runners on base as they started to keep the ball on the ground, but a strike out ended their chance at redemption for the inning and they went back into the outfield, scoreless again.

Plug took their time at bat as aggressive as before and continued their onslaught against their opponents, even managing a 3-run in-the-park home run before Real Game was able to put a stop to their scoring streak, ending the inning 26-0.

If Plug Uglies had any hopes to stay in the game, they needed to be able to come within 10 runs of their opponents to keep the game going past the third inning.

They started the inning off with multiple base hits to get runners on base and got their first score of the game to avoid a shutout.

They had plenty of ground to cover and managed to bring in three more runs, but it was too little, too late and they couldn't keep the ball out of the hands of Plug Uglies for long, and the game ended, 26-4, in the bottom of the third.