The unit Command Sergeant Major serves many purposes as the senior enlisted advisor to the commander. At AMCOM, those purposes include supporting the mission of developing and delivering readiness to aviation and missile forces.

Friday, in a time-honored tradition, two of the Army's most senior non-commissioned officers passed the AMCOM colors signifying a change in command leadership.

"Both outgoing Command Sgt. Maj. Glen Vela and incoming Command Sgt. Maj. Mike O'Donnell have a combined 61 years of service," Maj. Gen. Doug Gabram said. "Both have led from the front throughout their entire careers.

As host, the Commanding General, bid a fond farewell to Command Sgt. Maj. Glen Vela,
acknowledging that the pair had served together in many demanding assignments.

"Glen takes care of people," Gabram said. "We spent time together in Taji, Iraq, experiencing the full range of circumstances and emotions leading America's sons and daughters in combat. Our brigade motto was: stay positive, stay alert and take care of each other; that's what he did for our team and that's what he did for me.

"I want to welcome Command Sgt. Maj. Mike O'Donnell to the AMCOM, Unified Action team. He's coming to us from Hawaii, with a strong, combat-proven aviation maintenance background as a Combat Aviation Brigade CSM in the 1st Armored Division, and as a battalion CSM in the 1st Infantry Division CAB.

"These assignments come after years of experience as an Apache Armaments NCO with three deployments to Iraq. I have the utmost confidence in Command Sgt. Maj. O'Donnell as my new battle buddy in this organization as we continue to move forward with Gen. Perna's intent."

Gabram went on to say that O'Donnell, not only will be responsible for Soldiers, but also will dive into topics like contracting, supply chain management, depot operations, research development and engineering as well as personnel management for Department of the Army civilians.

"Thank you ( Maj. Gen. Gabram ) for this opportunity to serve," O'Donnell said. "I won't let you down. I have known CSM Vela for a number of years, both as a brother in arms and as a dear friend.

"AMCOM has a diverse mission that reaches across all services. I look forward to working with the AMC Team to address Army readiness actions and support to Soldiers."