Chief Warrant Officer 5 Eric D. Maule
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CW5 Eric D. Maule is currently assigned as the first Command Chief Warrant Officer for the 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC).

CW5 Eric D. Maule has served in a variety of tactical and technical positions within the Patriot community over the past 28 years. CW5 Maule served 8 1/2 years as an enlisted Soldier acheiving the rank of Staff Sergeant prior to appointment as a Patriot Tactician/Technician Warrant Officer. As enlisted, CW5 Maule served in various Patriot positions at Fort Bliss (Texas), Ansbach (Germany), Kunsan Air Base (Korea), and Dhahran Saudi Arabia during the bombing of Khobar Towers.

CW5 Eric D. Maule's first assignment as a Warrant Officer was with E 3/2 ADA, where he was assigned to the newest Patriot unit in the Army, was responsible for building the unit's maintenance program from the "ground up", and deployed to Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia as the Ready Reserve Battery (RRB) Maintenance OIC. CW5 Maule was then assigned to D 1/43 ADA, where he became the only Table XII certified Warrant Officer Tactical Control Officer in Air Defense. Following this, CW5 Maule was assigned to E 1/7 ADA where he deployed to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and achieved first place in FORSCOM for the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence (AAME Award). Also, while assigned to E 1/7 ADA, CW5 Maule served on orders for a period of 95 days as the Battery Commander, chosen over two 1LTs assigned under his command. Upon promotion to CW3, he was reassigned to HHB 1-7, where he served as the Battalion Readiness Center (BRC) OIC. Following this assignment, he was designated as the Electronic Missile Maintenance Officer (EMMO) of HHB 2-1 ADA, Gwangju, Korea. Upon return from Korea, CW5 Maule was assigned to HHB 1/43 ADA in a subsequent EMMO position. Upon promotion to CW4 in 2008, CW5 Maule was assigned to the former 6th ADA BDE as the ADAFCO and Top Gun course manager and primary instructor. CW5 Maule was responsible for the planning, design, and conduct of Patriot's most prestigious and advanced learning courses. After serving 5 years as these course managers, CW5 Maule was assigned as a Patriot life-cycle management officer in the TRADOC Capability Manager (TCM) office, responsible for managing all aspects of the Patriot program from acquisition to materiel release.

CW5 Eric D. Maule's military education includes: PLDC (1991), Airborne (1992), BNCOC (1995), EO Advisor Course (1996), WOCS (1997), WOBC (1998), Air Assault (2004), JT101 (2005), WOAC (2006), ABITC (2008), SGITC (2008), Top Gun (2008), ADAFCO (2009), Maritime Ballistic Missile Defense Officer's Leadership Course (2010), Warrant Officer Staff Course (2012), and the Warrant Officer Senior Staff Course (2013).

CW5 Eric D. Maule's civilian education includes: Master of Business Administration in Technology Marketing from the University of Phoenix, and a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies from Western Illinois University.

CW5 Eric D. Maule's Awards include: MSM (2 Awards), ARCOM (10 Awards), AAM (12 Awards), AFEM, Korean Defense, Overseas Service (4 Awards), NDR (with Campaign Star), GWOT (Service and Expeditionary), GCDM (with 2 Knots), NCO Professional Development (2 Schools), ASR, Army Superior Unit Award, and Meritorious Unit Commendation.

CW5 Eric D. Maule has been married 24 years to Mrs. Sylvia Maule and has 4 four children aged 30, 29, 27, and 19, and nine grandchildren. Eldest son (Francisco) is married, a SSG in the United States Army, and currently serving at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Washington. Second oldest (Fabian) is married, a former Corporal in the United States Marine Corps, served two combat deployments in Iraq and is now a Transportation Security Officer (TSO) at Austin/Bergstrom International Airport. Third son (Michael) is attending the Illinois Institute of Art efforting a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Digital Photography. Daughter (Desiree) works as a Postal Sorter at the United States Post Office in El Paso, Texas.