LIELVARDE, Latvia - Sergeant Major of the Army Daniel A. Dailey visited Lielvarde Air Base, Latvia, April 18. Dailey visited several locations on the air base, to include the control tower, the hangar and the dining facility.At the tower, Dailey attended a brief conducted by Pvt. Terry Reed, an aviation operation specialist in flight operations for 3rd platoon, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd General Support Aviation Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, New York.The unit is stationed in Lielvarde to conduct aviation operations in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, a U.S. led NATO endeavor to promote peace in the region by deterring aggressive actions."The brief was mainly the operations that we have going on here, what we need, what's beneficial for us," Pvt. Reed said. "Like how we could expand our footprint, things that the Army could do here to give the Baltics reassurance that we're still here with them."Reed said he prepared for the brief by using notecards and constantly repeating the information. His command and fellow peers bolstered him with confidence.Although nerve wracking, Reed said he felt the brief went well.Dailey lingered to meet with the personnel in the room. He discussed topics like reenlistment options and bonuses, and his own personal military career."He is such a down-to-earth person," Reed said in reference to Dailey.Shortly afterward, Dailey headed to the hangar to meet a group of the flight crew and aircraft mechanics. He expressed the importance of aviation mission and applauded their abilities.Dailey also inquired about Soldiers' concerns or issues, and their thoughts regarding certain Army policies. Before departing, he shook hands with the members of the group and gave each Soldier a coin.Dailey ate dinner at the dining facility on base.Afterwards, Dailey gave awards to four Soldiers. He inquired about their jobs and playfully teased the Soldiers. Dailey stressed the significance of foreign Allies and the U.S. commitment to NATO."The next war we cannot, will not fight by ourselves," Dailey said. "But first of all, we don't want to fight."The most senior enlisted member of the Army must be able to connect with his fellow Soldiers in order to meet their needs and address their concerns. Dailey succeeds in winning the confidence and approval of his Soldiers."I feel like I could actually talk to him," Reed said. "He's a very good example of what a leader should be."--- U.S. Army Europe is uniquely positioned in its 51st country area of responsibility to advance American strategic interests in Europe and Eurasia. The relationships we build during more than 1,000 theater security cooperation events in more than 40 countries each year lead directly to support for multinational contingency operations around the world, strengthen regional partnership and enhance global security