MIHAIL KOGALNICEANU AIR BASE, Romania -- Romanian army military police assigned to Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base conducted training here March 8 with U.S. Army Soldiers of 2nd Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, 10th Mountain Division (LI).

The training was held to practice air-assault operations with the base's police force.

For most of the Soldiers present, it was their first opportunity to train together in a combined U.S.-Romanian environment, and for one participant, it proved to be a most rewarding experience.

U.S. Army Capt. James Bates, commander of B Company, 2-10 Aviation, and flight officer in charge of the mission, spoke about the mood of many Americans present.

"We're very excited to continue this partnership, and (we're) looking forward to future opportunities with these soldiers," he said.

The day's operations included the proper entering and exiting of three UH-60 Black Hawks used during the exercise. The soldiers then did a live version of the exercise via a short round trip to a nearby training field.

Master Sgt. (OR-8) Samir Seicamet, noncommissioned officer in charge of the Romanians on the mission, reflected on the significance of the training.

"For us at the air base, this was a first," he said. "We're lucky to be able to participate in this event with our U.S. counterparts."

The training is in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, a NATO mission taking place across Europe to enhance the cooperative efforts of the U.S. and its allies to deter aggression in Europe.

The exercise was the first time many of the Romanian participants had set foot inside of a Black Hawk. It prepared them for future Operation Atlantic Resolve missions they will conduct with their American colleagues and helped to build a state of camaraderie for both sides.

"These relationships that were built between our American Soldiers and our Romanian soldiers are going to last," he said.