The transition of service members, Department of Defense Civilians and families from U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan to U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys is approaching quickly. Though some have gone already, the first big move is slated to begin this summer. Eighth Army senior leaders are sending a clear message -- it's time to start getting ready.

"You have been hearing about the move coming up for months, if not years and thinking 'someday we will move,'" said Col. George R. Shatzer, the Eighth Army G5 Director at a town hall held on USAG Yongsan Feb. 23. "Well that 'someday' is pretty much here or right around the corner for just about all of us."

Though the move dates differ by unit, the standard timeline for each mover is the same. For everyone who will be moving to USAG Humphreys, that first milestone will be 60 days from the day they plan to depart Yongsan.

"No later than the 60 days out from your move, you should attend a relocation brief," Shatzer said. "At the relocation brief you will be able to ask questions of all the representatives of the services related to your move, and they will make sure you understand what needs to happen and make appropriate arrangements."

Other things that should be done at the 60 day mark include scheduling household goods pick-up and delivery dates at the transportation office, reserving temporary lodging at Yongsan and submitting exceptions to policy for secondary vehicles if required.

"At the 45 day mark you will need to inform the housing office that you are terminating your lease or of your intent to leave your quarters," said Shatzer. Also if it applies you would notify child and youth services of your transfer at that time.

The next milestone in the transition from USAG Yongsan is 30 days out. At that time, USAG Humphreys housing can be contacted to request government leased housing.

"The housing office has the ability to pre-assign housing to you," Shatzer explained. "This is an option for you if it's available."

The two weeks before moving is when service members and civilians will out-process USAG Yongsan and in-process USAG- Humphreys.

For more information on the transition to USAG Humphreys, including a cheat sheet with timelines and phone numbers, visit the Eighth Army Transformation web page at