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The students received a fresh cultural shock seeing everything that the camps in United States Army Garrison Daegu have to offer.

"In a word, it sure is a fresh shock, my first word was wow," said Mr. Hwang, Su-hyun, second grade student. "I expected it would be somewhat open and free in the U.S. Army, but a far freer Soldier's living style than I expected after work."

Hamchang Middle School is located in Jeungchon-ri, Hamchang-up, Sangju city, Gyeongbuk Province, about one and half hours away from Daegu.

"I thought an United States Army base is a simple base where the Soldiers are living, but this is a small America with all kinds of living and convenient systems," said Ms. Yu, Jun-ae, teacher. "I am sure that the students are thinking and learning a lot from this rare and precious opportunity. I was especially moved by the traffic culture, the 25K speed limit and yielding for each other at the four way cross-section and pedestrian priority over vehicular traffic, I think we should learn this good and safe traffic culture. Many things touched me and I'd like to get another chance for our students next year."

The students had the chance to visit Camps Henry and Walker, visiting the library, the Armed Forces Network Studio and barracks.

"Now, I understand why my parents always said to me that KATUSA is good," said Hwang. "Now coming and seeing the life of the KATUSA, I now realize the reason why my parents strongly insisted to me."

The students' first-ever experiences in the U.S. Army base with most of them seeing and talking to the foreigners everywhere in the base who they have been rarely seen in their place will be remaining as their life-long memories. It will stay for long time as a positive impression while they are growing and advancing to the future society and will impact positive way to the improvement of ROK/US relations in the future.