WIESBADEN, Germany - Wiesbaden's Sports, Fitness and Outdoor Recreation Center offers a wealth of holistic programs and services aimed at helping community members improve their overall health and fitness.While workouts, classes and sporting events are on most people's radar, some may be missing the benefits of the center's Massage Therapy Program."Our main focus is on the mental and physical benefits of massage," said Amanda Moser, one of three licensed therapists at the fitness center who offer a range of massages from deep tissue to hot stone, sports to pregnancy massages. "Massage Therapy is proven to be helpful with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, stress and other mental and physical health issues.""They have done many case studies showing that people who get regular massages -- at least once a month -- have fewer physical and mental health issues," said Ruth Douglas, a certified massage therapist who hails from Arizona."I do a lot of sports therapy -- working with clientele who are recovering from injuries," Douglas said, adding, "We treat every person as an individual -- no one is exactly the same. Massage is beneficial for everybody -- anyone from an infant to a person who is 90 years old."Moser, who owned her own Massage Therapy business in Utah before coming to Europe to work with service members and their families, said she's had "many success stories" -- helping athletes cope with injury issues, individuals deal with chronic back and shoulder pain, and Soldiers decrease their anxiety levels and depression following traumatic incidents."My goal was to end up here in Europe and to work with Soldiers to better their lives," Moser said. "We treat the client, depending on his or her symptoms, in an efficient and safe way," said Bob Karnes, a licensed practitioner who began his career in Reno, Nev., in 1980. "We complement what the doctors do."Finding the appropriate Massage Therapy to meet an individual's needs is important, Karnes said, explaining that the three members of the team share a wealth of experience."It's not a cookie-cutter approach," said Moser. "We have different specialties.""Massage Therapy is definitely a form of preventive medicine," said Douglas, pointing out that everyone can benefit -- especially combining massage with regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Moser also recommended that people shouldn't wait until they are suffering before seeking assistance."We have an overall wellness program in this facility" and the professionals at the fitness center will work with individuals to "create an overall wellness program for them."Community members can get an introduction to what Massage Therapy can offer every Wednesday at the fitness center during lunch time from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. -- 15 minutes for $15 per session -- after stopping by the front desk to sign up for a session."We have beautiful massage rooms," said Douglas, each one a little different in its decor and appeal.For more information about the various types of Massage Therapy offered at the Wiesbaden Sports, Fitness and Outdoor Recreation Center on Clay Kaserne and to find out about scheduling an appointment visit https://wiesbaden.armymwr.com/europe/wiesbaden/programs/clay-kaserne-fitness-center and click on the "Massage Therapy" link.