CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait -- The Deputy Commandant for Installations of Logistics Headquarters Marine Corps visited Army Prepositioned Stocks-5 here, Nov. 14, to get a firsthand look at one of the Army's largest and most flexible logistics capabilities.U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Mike Dana, deputy commandant, Installations of Logistics, toured equipment warehouses and spoke with 401st Army Field Support Brigade leadership about the brigade's massive mission and sustainment capabilities."There's nothing better than getting eyes on and talking to the Soldiers and seeing what they do day to day," Dana said. "I'm extremely impressed with everything I've seen and everybody I've met today."Dana received short briefings from maintenance experts and had an opportunity to get a close look at some of the brigade's equipment, procedures and unique challenges."The facilities are world class, the maintenance is great, and I think there's a lot of opportunity for partnering here with the Marine Corps at some point," Dana said. "I've been in the Marine Corps for 34 years and the Army has never let myself or really any logistics Marine Corps unit down."The opportunity for Dana to see the current capabilities is good for logistics planning and networking, said U.S. Army Col. Aaron Stanek, commander, 401st AFSB."Combatant commanders have an enormous operational area to navigate, and CENTCOM's area of responsibility, in particular, is very complex and constantly changing," Stanek said. "The combatant commanders must be able to leverage all of the military services capabilities that comprise the joint force to accomplish the mission."That requires logistics, and when you talk about leverage, as part of Army Sustainment Command we are able to leverage the entire might of Army Materiel Command's strategic capabilities to provide that key logistics support to the joint force."The 401st AFSB provides maintenance, acquisition, fielding, and retrograde support to the joint warfighter and coalition forces throughout the U.S. Army Central Command footprint.As part of the tour, Dana got to walk through one of nine brand new APS-5 warehouses."What I found most impressive was the quality of the facilities and the level of detailed planning that went into getting these facilities to the level they're at and the ability to get the maintenance in place," Dana said.A ceremony marking the official grand opening of the new warehouses is scheduled for Thursday.