BAUMHOLDER, Germany -- A new organization designed to provide superior expeditionary human resources support showed its true colors during an activation ceremony held Oct. 25 at the Hall of Champions Fitness Center on Smith Barracks.

The 569th Human Resources Company, the newest part of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command's 16th Special Troops Battalion, will provide personnel accountability, casualty liaison, and postal support among other valuable services.

"We can't predict precisely how or when we'll call on the men and women of 569th to carry forward their mission in the months and years to come, but we know Capt. Hansen and 1st Sgt. Steele will lead this team with certainty, clarity and with our trust and confidence," said Lt. Col. Brian Ketz, 16th STB Commander. "The Soldiers of 569th are ready to execute its vital responsibilities and will succeed."

The new unit's command team, Capt. Katherine Hansen and 1st Sgt. Ronald Steele, unfurled its just-designated guidon during the ceremony.

"Standing up a new company is a journey and sometimes unpredictable, as courses of action for upcoming missions change almost daily," said Steele. "We are about to make history and set the stage for human resources companies Army-wide."

The new company is one of only 12 human resources companies in the Army, and the variety and prominence of missions in the European theater highlight its importance.

"Having the first human resources company for Installation Management Command and Central Command, we'll enhance those exercises and missions throughout Europe," said Hansen. "Having new Soldiers as we stand up a new company gives them an idea of how organizations are formed and they'll set high standards for future Soldiers."

The company will provide expeditionary human resources support, personnel accountability, casualty liaison, and postal support in Europe for the 16th Sustainment Brigade.
Junior Soldiers seemed to appreciate the significance of the moment.

"Activating the 569th is more than what everyone sees," said Spc. Antonette Brown, a human resources specialist with the company. "The Soldiers will be remembered as the foundation of something great."