Army senior leaders talk about the importance of Army recruiting
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FORT KNOX, Ky. (Oct. 25, 2016) -- Two of the Army's top officials joined U.S. Army Recruiting Command leaders for the Annual Leaders Training Conference here Oct. 19.

The Honorable Debra S. Wada, assistant secretary of the Army for manpower and reserve affairs and Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel A. Dailey discussed the importance of the recruiting mission and what that looks like for the future of the Army.

ALTC brings together all six recruiting brigades and their senior leadership to discuss the way ahead for the accessions mission for the new fiscal year, as well as recognizing some of the achievements of the past fiscal year.

As the former Training and Doctrine Command's command sergeant major, Dailey understands the importance of the recruiting mission. He spent the day attending the scheduled events and talking with the command's senior leaders. He also delivered the keynote speech during the Annual Awards Luncheon.

Earlier that morning Soldiers from U.S. Army Recruiting Command headquarters and the Recruiting and Retention School joined him for a warrior run where he later addressed the formation.

"I have my eye on recruiting every single day," Dailey said.

He also reiterated the importance of the recruiting mission and how senior leaders have placed their trust in the young sergeants in the recruiting centers.

"The Army is literally built on the backs of our young NCOs out there [at the centers]," Dailey said.

He also highlighted how he understood the challenges recruiters face and how their job is not easy, but how their hard work does not go unnoticed. He said his nephew joined the Army this past year and his parents stated how the recruiters at that center made a positive lasting impression on them.

"Everyone is going to know that we are professionals and you're doing a great job ... What you do every day is absolutely phenomenal," Dailey said.

He expressed his congratulations on mission achievement then charged the crowd to get back out there and work hard to achieve success again this fiscal year.

Wada reiterated Dailey's message during her address to the leaders at the conference.

Wada congratulated the command on this year's mission success before launching into the challenges they may face. She discussed the future of the Army and the challenges it may encounter in a resource constrained environment, but added how she saw this as an opportunity for the command to thrive.

"Under Stress we have the opportunity to revolutionize how we do business," Wada Said.

She further added how the recruiting tactics will need to change for continued success. Today's youth use internet and social media and these platforms are vital to recruiting quality candidates for the Army.

Lastly, she said she knows not everyone in the Army understands the vital role of recruiting, but the highest echelons of the Army do.

"Between recruiting and drill sergeants, we set the conditions of the Army… Recruiting Command is an important part of the Army," Wada said.

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