SOUTHWEST ASIA— After months of leadership engagements, inspections, and inventory of on-hand Iraq Train and Equip Fund equipment, the Iraqi army in Southwest Asia received a load of more than 5,800 parts Aug. 11, 2016, to repair vehicles and equipment used in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.Soldiers with the 300th Sustainment Brigade Det. 2, 1st Theater Sustainment Command provided parts needed to repair vehicles and equipment, including howitzers, Humvees and route-clearance vehicles, to the Iraqi security forces as part of their mission to sustain, as well as advice and assist the Iraqi army's efforts to defeat ISIL.This equipping effort was the largest for the 300th SB since they took command on April 20, 2016. It totaled more than $870,000 U.S. and was dedicated to the sustainment mission.These parts are needed to fix vehicles that have been used on the battlefield, said Army Reserve Warrant Officer Benjamin R. Geiger, accountable officer of the ITEF warehouse, with the 300th SB, 1st TSC. Sustaining the fight against ISIL requires coordination and preparation to ensure the security of personnel and proper distribution of ITEF. The coordination happens between the 300th SB logistics team, the 1st TSC-Operational Command Post ITEF team, who tracks ITEF distribution.Army Reserve Sgt. Arthur C. Menina, transportation management noncommissioned officer with the 300th SB, 1st TSC, took charge of the ITEF delivery as the mission NCO, and Army Reserve 1st Lt. Kennedy K. Boakye served as the officer-in-charge of the convoy. They ensured the security of the delivery and safety of the personnel with 100 percent accountability. Each unit has a unique role, which comes with its own challenges. "Getting all of the parts from the 1st TSC and sorting it out on our side was the most challenging part of this divestiture," said Geiger, adding the Iraqi army then tracks the distribution of parts to the Iraqi security forces units that need them. As part of the delivery and distribution process, significant coordination was needed to transport ITEF parts including the contracting of trucks and the security of the people and property while en route. Once parts reach destination, Iraqi army officials signed for and accepted the delivery."The repair parts will go from the delivery location directly to the repair facilities; where the vehicles used in battle can be repaired," said Army Reserve 1st Lt. Kennedy K. Boakye, officer-in-charge of the convoy.The 300th SB ensures the tracking of the parts distributed through "a maintenance team of Soldiers working at the repair facilities who record the number of vehicles repaired and the parts received for maintenance," added Boakye.Between the distribution of ITEF parts required for maintenance and repairs of fighting vehicles and equipment, coupled with the Coalition training of the Iraqi army and the constant leader engagement of the 300th SB, the 1st TSC-OCP ensures the mission to defeat ISIL through sustainment operations is on target.