Child care POA's for summer child-care providers

By Linda Keelin, Paralegal Specialist, Rock Island ArsenalJuly 25, 2016

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ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Illinois -- (July 25, 2016) It's summer, the kids are out of school and living is easy. Plans are made for Jane and Joey to attend summer camp for a week, then visit their grandparents for a week and then there are plans to send them on a trip to the north woods with their cousins. They have no cares, should you as a parent? After all you've done your homework, Jane and Joey attended summer camp for the last three summers, same place, same counselors, same campground, they visited their grandparents for the last two summers and now they plan to visit their aunts, uncles and cousins in the middle of the north woods.

One of the most crucial planning if it's for less than 24 hours is to ensure that while Jane and Joey are not under your supervision or control and under another adult's (hopefully) supervision or control that you've provided a power of attorney for emergency health care while they are on vacation. July and August are the busiest vacation months and popular months for visitation for non-custodial parent.

While parents have to make child care arrangements for the times they are working or otherwise unavailable, emergency health care POA's are definitely recommended for the child's safety and wellbeing, in addition to being a peace of mind for you and the child's provider of day/night or vacation care.

POA's are provided to all eligible personnel stationed at Rock Island Arsenal and are prepared on a walk-in basis. Please call ahead to ensure availability at 309-782-1443. Have a wonderful remainder of the summer. Remember, one of Benjamin Franklin's famous quotes, "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today."