SOUTHWEST ASIA -- Weapons and ammunition are not enough to defeat Da'esh. It takes a variety of equipment to help sustain the force against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The 1st Theater Sustainment Command understands and enables that part of the mission and are clearing the path -- bulldozers are on the way.

The bulldozer provides operational readiness for the construction of airfields, roads, landing zones, defensive berms, anti-tank ditches, other key military construction missions and route clearance.

"The Iraqi Army brigade and Counter Terrorism Service will use these bulldozers for route clearance in areas around Baghdad," said U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jenna Vaughn, 1st TSC's Iraq Train and Equip Funding noncommissioned officer.

Iraqi CTS has persistently advanced in defeating Da'esh threats and liberating Iraq's cities with air strikes, training and equipment. The 1st TSC ensures the equipment, including bulldozers, needed are tracked and delivered as required.

Throughout the distribution process, Soldiers and contractors maintain accountability at each destination point with tracking systems.

The tracking system traces the identity, status and location of cargo from origin to destination, to help ensure the timely delivery of assets when and where needed. Bulldozers are part of the equipment provided using ITEF to assist in sustaining the force against possible threats and in the effort to defeat ISIL.