BAHRAIN - The automation management officer with the 1st Sustainment Command (Theater) visited rotational units in Bahrain to ensure their readiness to track and account for parts, vehicles, and equipment using the Standard Army Maintenance System- Level 1 Enhanced, May 30 to June 1, 2016.Chief Warrant Officer 3 Francisco Villarreal, is the automation management officer with the 1st TSC who is responsible for ensuring the integration of logistics systems within the command. "Envision manually tracking more than 800,000 parts and vehicles, needing repair, from different geographical locations."Without a logistics system to track parts, and equipment needing repairs, logisticians and commanders would probably fail critical missions in the battlefield," said Villarreal.SAMS-E is one of the systems integrated with the Global Combat Support System - Army. GCSS-Army is becoming the primary tactical logistics system to help achieve the automation goals through integration of various supply chain systems."Logistics automation is vital to sustainment operations," said Villarreal.  Tracking every step of the process from preventive maintenance to repairing and dispatching, from a single source, is one of the goals of logistics automation, Villarreal explained.With SAMS-E, the process begins when the vehicle or equipment operator performs preventive maintenance checks and services."Vehicle, equipment and generators must have PMCS daily.  We do not want any of these vehicles to go down," said Spc. Chrystal Hailey, automated logistics specialist with the 1st Battalion, 62nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment. "If the motor sergeant or the Soldiers doing PMCS find something wrong, with any equipment, they have to come to the SAMS-E clerks so we can log it in the system."Haley has been deployed for two years as the field maintenance team SAMS-E clerk.  After her advanced individual training, she attended specific SAMS-E training to specialize in the equipment and software.  Through SAMS-E, her unit is able to log and track the vehicles and equipment needing upkeep, the parts needed to perform the repairs, the man hour utilization, issue drivers licenses and generate historical reports.The process continues when the wheeled vehicle mechanic receives a repair request, along with a faulty vehicle or equipment. "I love figuring out what is wrong with the vehicles so I can fix it." said Spc. Oscar Muniz, wheeled vehicle mechanic, with Bravo Co., 1-62nd ADA.  "Some of us specialize in vehicles, others in generators among other equipment that needs to be fixed."As the maintenance is taking place, the mechanics identify any parts needed and notify the SAMS-E clerks."SAMS-E clerks submit the requests and it all trickles down from there and we get it through GCSS-Army," said Sgt. 1st Class Caroline M. Colomer, supply support activity noncommissioned officer in charge, with 1st Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment. At the supply support activity, or SSA, warehouse the automated logistics specialists receive the request-in real time-and quickly look through their inventory ensuring the parts needed are available and ready for dispatch."It's a time factor to be able to log into a computer and see the parts that are available right away," said Sgt. 1st Class Cesar Guerra, automated logistics specialist with the 1-62 ADA.The SSA in Bahrain is already using the GCSS-Army system and they have seen a difference in the operations of tracking and dispatching parts using the system, said Guerra. The system provides access to improved warehouse management functionality, such as stock look-up capabilities, bin-to-bin moves, and warehouse activity monitoring. "Eventually all the systems will be going through GCSS-Army," said Colomer. "Before, we had so many systems to enter data and track information. It is best to have everyone in the same sheet of music, even if we will all need more training."SAMS-E is one of three systems in the GCSS-Army's wave 2 conversion. The other two programs are Property Book Unit and Supply Enhanced and General Fund Enterprise Business System, Villarreal said.