A single, secure and simplified network is a fundamental enabler for the new Army Operating Concept, "Win in a Complex World." Network modernization remains a top Army priority in order to deliver information dominance for an agile, expeditionary Force 2025.

After greatly enhancing tactical communications through Capability Sets (CS), the Army's focus is to continue robust fielding of incremental network upgrades, while also making targeted investments for short-, mid- and long-term technology enhancement. These improvements, grounded in Soldier feedback, are aimed at providing troops with the simplicity and capacity of commercial networks, while enabling the Army to securely dominate the battlefield across the full spectrum of military operations.

To achieve a more expeditionary, scalable and simplified network, PEO C3T is enhancing current program efforts to:

* Enable expeditionary mission command with agile command posts that readily scale, adapt and move with changing conditions.
* Achieve uninterrupted mission command from home station to deployment with scalable connectivity and common applications that are available upon immediate entry and then mature within a theater.
* Provide users a common, intuitive experience across locations, formations and operations.
* Initiate technology, training and fielding efforts to enable less complex network initialization, configuration and management.
* Harden the network against the cyber threat

PEO C3T is directly supporting implementation of each of these efforts through continuous fielding of modernized capability to active components, Army Reserve and National Guard units, advancing the Command Post Computing Environment (CE) and Mounted CE, converging Network Operations tools, streamlining Unit Task Reorganization execution, adding network enclaves for improved collaboration with mission partners, streamlining command posts through wireless connections and consolidated server infrastructure, and enabling distributed mission command.

Last Updated: February 1, 2016