MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan - Soldiers and Noncommissioned Officers from Delta Detachment, 1st Space Company here recently shared with Air Force and Navy brethren what the expression of "one team, one fight" really means. From Jan. 19-23, at the Misawa Air Base Martial Arts and Tumbling Center, Sgt. James Harris, a Level III Modern Army Combatives instructor from Delta Detachment taught and certified eighteen Airmen and Navy personnel in Modern Army Combatives.

The Army Combatives program is unique because in addition to teaching self-defense techniques and instilling confidence in the participants, it is a "train the trainer" course. While the students are taught how to perform certain techniques, they are also taught how to instruct the techniques. This method of instruction conditions the students to really listen, learn and apply what is being taught because at the end of the week they will be in a position to teach what they have learned.

This type of training was appealing to both Air Force and Navy personnel on Misawa Air Base. Who better to train them than a Level III Modern Army Combatives instructor assigned to their base' Harris serves as a JTAGS operator on Misawa Air Base, providing theater missile warning to the United States and friends and allies in theater. For Harris, the return from the combatives program is immeasurable. Physical fitness, strength, conditioning, coordination, self-defense, and discipline are all part of the program. Because all personnel assigned to Delta Detachment are Level I trained, this was a huge opportunity to train and build the relationship with our sister services.

By week's end, all eighteen Air Force and Navy personnel who volunteered for the course received a Level I instructor certificate and are able to teach the same self-defense techniques to their respective units. Additionally, a unique bond was established between Army, Air Force and Navy personnel that can only be gained from a little blood, sweat and maybe a few tears (from the Air Force). It was a quality training event that will undoubtedly occur again in the future.