FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- Large groups of third, fourth and fifth graders filled the Rockfish Hoke Elementary School Gymnasium as they made their way around tables to speak with Soldiers and local community business representatives during College Career Day April 8.As a part of the Fort Bragg Military School Partnership Program, 17 Soldiers with the 1st Sustainment Command (Theater) participated in the event bringing a military perspective to the students."It's all about giving back to the community and allowing the Soldiers to interact with the students," said Maj. Jose Medina, school liaison officer and executive officer with the Special Troops Battalion, 1st TSC. "We are here to build relationships within our community and our schools."Along with other local business representatives, Soldiers were able to explain the different aspects of their military occupational skills or jobs while the students asked them a series of questions.Students also received hands-on experience with some of the equipment brought in by the Soldiers."A lot of times in education we talk to kids about having real life skills," said Shawn O'Connor, Rockfish Hoke Elementary School Principal. "We wanted to show them what those skills lead up to and what their options are."As a part of the curriculum leading up to career day, students worked with the teachers to learn about different jobs and what is required to enter a particular field.We don't want the first time our kids start thinking about jobs and careers to be their junior year in high school, said O'Connor. I think the early exposure to jobs will open their eyes to different opportunities that are out there.For Pfc. Tyasia Sykes, native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and human resource specialist for the Special Troops Battalion, 1st TSC, this was a new and rewarding experience."This was fun and it was good to show the kids what we actually do," said Sykes. "They thought we all did just one job in the office so we explained all the different sections in the [personnel section]."The career day is the first of many future events like this at Rockfish Hoke Elementary."The kids responded very well and they were learning a lot," said O'Connor. "We were very encouraged with how well it went today and we hope to make it bigger and better from here on out."(The 1st Sustainment Command (Theater) provides Theater Sustainment Mission Command to Army, Joint, and Multinational Forces in support of U.S. Central Command Unified Land Operations in order to enable the combatant commander's ability to prevent, shape, and win our nation's wars.)Follow us on Facebook at