The meeting room was packed with standing room only as the Future Airborne Capability Environment Technical Interchange Meeting opened Feb. 2 at the Von Braun Center. Terry Carlson, chief information officer for the Program Executive Office for Aviation, started the morning off with a discussion on the goal of the FACE TIM and noted how far the initiative has come. "The goal of this FACE TIM is to gain a better understanding of what FACE is, and what purpose it will serve in the future," he said. The FACE initiative is to help reduce the life cycle costs, and become more capable. FACE standards include four key characteristics: Speed, Agility, Excellence, and Proven Design. "You can adhere to the standards and still create innovative products and maintain intellectual property," Carlson said. He was followed by keynote speaker Ross Guckert, the acting deputy program executive officer for aviation. Guckert was one of the founders of the Systems of Systems Engineering office, under which FACE currently falls. Guckert discussed the modernization of the Army materiel enterprise. "Even if we wanted to keep everything that we have in our portfolio, we cannot afford to do so," he said. "We must reduce costs by leveraging others' technology." The one-day FACE TIM had more than 30 exhibitors and 14 speakers from various industry and government offices.