As the Fort Leonard Wood area prepares for the upcoming winter season, the Directorate of Public Works reminds post-housing residents that snow removal is part of their responsibility.

For both Family and single Soldier housing, snow removal is covered in the standard operating procedures and resident handbook, said Alice Bischoff, chief of Housing Division, DPW.

"Occupants who live in Single Soldier housing are responsible for snow removal from all sidewalks, stairwells and parking spaces around their facility," she said. "Snow shovels, along with ice melt, can be obtained from Self Help, Building 2219, at no charge to the Soldiers living in single Soldier housing."

For Family housing, page 25 of the handbook states snow and ice need to be removed from driveways, sidewalks and under carports within 24 hours after snowfall has stopped, Bischoff said.

"Basically, residents are responsible for removal of snow and ice on their leased property," she said. "This includes sidewalks."

"Snow and ice may need to be removed repeatedly throughout the day to ensure that the walking surfaces are safe," said Sean Nichols, safety specialist, Fort Leonard Wood Safety Office.

Nichols recommends spreading out the duties of clearing the snow and ice to multiple residents to combat fatigue and mitigate the chances for injuries.

Also, wear appropriate clothing for the task, including footwear. Avoid wearing heels or shoes that may cause a slip or fall; cover extremities, and wear gloves, he said.

All residents, whether in Family housing or single Soldier housing, should also ensure that icicles are removed from buildings' eaves adjacent to doorways to prevent a safety hazard, Nichols said.

If occupants in single Soldier housing have questions regarding snow removal, they can contact the unaccompanied housing office at 573.596.0131, ext. 60973.

Personnel residing in Family housing should call Balfour Beatty during the duty day to report roads requiring clearing at 573.329.0122. After hours, nights, weekends or holidays, personnel should report dangerous road conditions to the Military Police station at 596.0131, ext. 66141 or the Installation Operations Center at 563.6126.