FORT CAMPBELL, KY -- JAN. 16, 2009 -- Gate guards and military police at Fort Campbell have a new way to watch over those entering and leaving the installation. Numerous closed circuit television cameras have been installed at each access control point on post.

"They cover the approach to the gate, the gate itself, and the departure from the gate," according to Cpt. Gary Stanley, Department of Emergency Services, Access Control Office.

The fixed and pan, tilt and zoom cameras at the gates are monitored by the Emergency Communications Center and the Fort Campbell Police Station. The cameras are meant to act as a deterrent for criminal activities. Everything is recorded and if an incident occurs there is now more than just a written statement.

"It's like an extra guard that's always on duty," said Officer Rufus Dawkins, Coastal International Security, Inc. security officer.

The cameras were installed just more than a month ago and have already helped in several incidents. Guards were conducting random vehicle searches in one incident when they believed they saw an individual throw something to the side. Upon further investigation, they discovered the individual had thrown an illegal substance before being apprehended. When the incident goes to court, the police will have video evidence of the incident.

The guards like the addition of the cameras, feeling it helps them further the safety of those on the installation.

"I think they're a great asset," said Officer Ira Veasy, Coastal International Security, Inc. security officer. "They provide great assistance getting details of a situation or incident. It's persuasion too because it is like an unwritten rule with the cameras. If you do try something, it is being recorded."

The equipment and installation of the cameras were a package deal paid for by the Department of the Army. The goal is to have cameras like the ones at Fort Campbell at the access control points of all Army installations.