SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - The 45th Sustainment Brigade cased its colors and uncased new colors to become the 25th Sustainment Brigade, 25th Infantry Division during a change of command and re-designation ceremony here June 30.

"Our Army takes another step as it continues to evolve to meet the challenges of operating and winning in a complex world," said Maj. Gen. Edward F. Dorman, III, the commanding general of the 8th Theater Sustainment Command. "We are here as one team in an act that will enhance the expeditionary capabilities of the 25th Infantry Division."

In Feb. 2015, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno directed that sustainment brigades should be aligned to each division. The transition is meant to maximize unit cohesion and mission command effectiveness across the Pacific.

"You represent 30 unique capability sets critical in supporting a regionally engaged, globally responsive, campaign quality, expeditionary Army," said Dorman.

"Today is historic moment for this unit," said Col. Gregory Boyd, outgoing commander of the 45th Sustainment Bde. "This has been a fast paced, challenging and rewarding command. The one constant we have had is transitions."

The transition presented some challenges for Soldiers, who had to link up with their 25th counterparts to ensure the reassignment went smoothly. Each section was required to form good communication and connections before the switch.

"The casing of the 45th and the subsequent uncasing of the 25th colors is bittersweet for the Soldiers within the ranks assembled before you," said Col. Gavin Lawrence, incoming commander for the newly designated 25th Sustainment Bde.

In reference to the brigade lineage, Lawrence said the "American Pacific Response Force, (is) a unit that has honorably served our nation's interests since World War II. Although the name of the sustainment brigade has changed, our mission remains focused on sustainment support."

The attachment of the brigade to a division does not change the mission of the 45th in the garrison or during wartime. There are some adjustments for Soldiers to make in terms of workflow and the training day, but their mission to provide sustainment across the Pacific remains steady.

"To the officers, noncommissioned officers and Soldiers of the brigade, you are truly the best this country has to offer. I am forever grateful to you for your dedication to our mission. It was truly an honor and privilege to serve as your commander," Boyd said.

Soldiers stood in reflection for a moment as the 45th Brigade colors were cased. The brigade may answer to a different command, but their strong support of units across the Pacific remains unwavering.