Hundreds of basic training Soldiers braved the chilly weather the morning of Oct. 25 to prove their mettle.

The 434th FA Brigade held its first ever Combat Olympics that set three battalions against one another in healthy competition 1st Battalion, 19th Field Artillery; 1st Battalion, 40th Field Artillery; and 1st Battalion, 79th Field Artillery. The event was held at the 1st-19th FA's physical training field near South Boundary Road.

"Col. (Richard) Boyer's intent for this event is to develop a team-building event in a comapt-applied environment," said Maj. Chad Lee, the brigade operations officer. "A perfect example is the Ranger Run, which requires rigor, endurance, heart or will, and motivation. The key is that it allows us to begin introducing outcome-based training."

Spirit of competition

Bowyer said he wanted tough, rigorous and safe events that promoted team and indivudual competition and allowed Soldeirs to demonstrate Army values in a friendly and supervised environment. He said when all was said and done, he wanted Soldiers to learn and appreciate the spirit of competition through individual events and learn the concept of being a mentor of a team. In each of the team events a drill sergeant was part of the team.

The Combat Olympics consisted of six events, to include a team event at Treadwell Tower, a Relay Run, a Ranger Run, a Tug of War competition, a combatives competition and a pugil competition.

In the Treadwell Tower event, 1st place goes to 1st-40th FA, 2nd to 1st-19th FA and 3rd to 1st-79th FA.
In the Relay Run, which included a HMMWV pull, 1st place goes to 1st-79th FA, 2nd to 1st-40th and 3rd to 1st-19th FA.
In the Ranger Run, 1st place goes to 1st-19th FA and 2nd to 1st-79th FA. 1st-40th FA did not participate.
In the Tug of War contest, 1st place goes to 1st-19th FA, 2nd to 1st-40th FA and 3rd to 1st-79th FA.

Light Weight category: 1st - Pvt. Daniel Silva, 1st-79th FA; 2nd - Pvt. Claymore Mactarinigan, 1st-40th FA; 3rd - Pvt. Kruliski Fulk, 1st-19th FA.
Middle Weight category: 1st - Pvt. Gilbert Johnson, 1st-40th FA; 2nd - Pvt. Patrick Pollastro, 1st-79th FA; 3rd - Pvt. Bucheister Jarrett, 1st-19th FA.
Heavy Weight category: 1st - Pvt. Cody Owings, 1st-19th FA; 2nd - Pvt. Joshua Zuckerman, 1st-40th FA; 3rd - Pvt. Kalani Madrona, 1st-79th FA.
Super Heavy Weight category: 1st - Pvt. Adam Hill, 1st-40th FA; 2nd - Pvt. Allen McClain, 1st-79th FA; 3rd - Pvt. Robert Snowman, 1st-19th FA.

Light Weight Category: 1st - Pvt. Deshawn Steely, 1st-19th FA; 2nd - Pvt. Elmond Price, 1st-40th FA; 3rd - Pvt. Eric Emmett, 1st-79th FA.
Middle Weight Category: 1st - Pvt. Zachary Waters, 1st-19th FA; 2nd - Pvt. Adam Gehret, 1st-79th FA; 3rd - Pvt. Corey Kornodle, 1st-40th FA.
Heavy Weight category: 1st - Pvt. Gerory Cason, 1st-40th FA; 2nd - Pvt. Robert Konys, 1st-19th FA; 3rd - Pvt. Desmond Hall, 1st-79th FA.
Super Heavy Weight category: 1st - Pvt. Stephen Reaves, 1st-40th FA; 2nd - Pvt. Garrett Griffin, 1st-79th FA; Pvt. Shadowhawk Tiger, 1st-19th FA.
Overall results: 1st place goes to 1st-40th FA, 2nd place goes to 1st-19th FA and 3rd goes to 1st-79th FA.