American Soldiers have performed heroically in combat and many have given their lives in service to our great Nation. We owe these Soldiers a debt of gratitude. I encourage you to pause for a moment to remember those who have fallen as well as to give thanks for the freedoms their sacrifices have provided.

Memorial Day also signals the start of summer recreational activities and vacation time. With the unofficial start to summer comes hazards unique to the season. As the weather warms and Soldiers, Civilians and Families take to the roads and waterways for some well-deserved down time, they will be exposed to risk more often than they might think. It's critically important to prepare now for the off-duty hazards you will face in the upcoming months. Fatigue is often a risk factor contributing to serious accidents; ensure you are getting adequate sleep as well as nutrition and exercise. Learn more about the Performance Triad at the following link: http://armymedicine.mii/Paqes/performance-triad.aspx.

The annual Army Summer Safety Campaign is underway. This year's campaign, "Know the Signs,n provides Soldiers, Civilians, and their Families with helpful information for ensuring safe summer activities. As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, I challenge each of you to use risk management and safety tools to maintain safety awareness and minimize risk. This year's Army Summer Safety Campaign offers products and information on a wide variety of off-duty topics from boating to climbing safety. Visit and click on the "Know the Signs" logo to access these products and bolster your summer safety fun.

I urge each and every one of you to join with me as we enjoy this historic holiday with Family and friends, to exercise caution, common sense and good judgment as we travel, work and
play. Have a great weekend; I look forward to each of you returning to work safely.
Army Safe is Army Strong.

Serving to Heal...Honored to Serve!