JOINT BASE MYER-HENDERSON HALL, Va. - Each year, as the season transitions from winter to spring, daylight is longer and weather gradually warms to more pleasant temperatures. As the weather gets warmer, the number of people spending time outdoors increases and personal motor vehicle accidents traditionally escalate, according to the Army Safety Center.

The Army launched its annual spring safety campaign which officially went live online at March 1 and will be available through May 23.

Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall will kickoff the joint base safety campaign April 14, in an effort to reach out to personnel working on the Fort Myer, Fort McNair and Henderson Hall portions of the base.

This year, the Army Safe Spring campaign will be an interactive effort between the joint base safety office and personnel working on JBM-HH.

"People have been stuck inside and not spending as much time outdoors all winter and suddenly the weather is getting warmer, and they haven't had their vehicle inspected or driven their motorcycle in awhile," said JBM-HH Safety Manager Adrain Kendrick. "We want the units to give their personnel safety briefs, and we want servicemembers to get readjusted first, as opposed to rushing out without preparing safely."

He said the campaign is designed to engage with leaders and Soldiers, and encourage personnel to access the seasonal-based information prior to road trips, recreational and other outdoor activities.

"The Army Safety Center online is a great and valuable resource," said Kendrick. "We also have quick-series guides available to hand out to personnel on a number of topics, including motorcycle safety, home safety and family issues. This information is also available online through the Army Safety Center's website."

Kendrick said the safety office staff is planning visits with the various units on JBM-HH beginning April 14. "We'll be out talking to personnel about distracted driving, smart motorcycle riding, home safety and other safety topics. We also want to talk to them about the TRiPs program," he said.

TRiPs (Travel Risk Planning System) is a program available to Army personnel going on leave and temporary duty assignment. Kendrick explained the program is valuable before departing post, with online data detailing the trip with a risk assessment. It creates a travel map, detailing required rest stops and engages the Soldier and their supervisor, prior to the servicemember's departure.

"From March through May 2013, we had 14 fatalities. Six involved privately-owned vehicles, six involved motorcycles and two involved all-terrain vehicles," said Kendrick. "We've had 13 personal occupancy vehicle fatalities so far in fiscal year 2014."

"We want to talk about and engage with personnel about these incidents. Having them go online is good, but we want to speak with them face-to-face, Kendrick said. "If I can get one Soldier to stop, accept a safety guide, give me five minutes of their time to talk about safety, and it saves one life, it will be well worth the time going out to speak to personnel."

The JBM-HH Safety Office plans to visit joint base units and battalions for up to two hours, two-to-three days each week during the campaign until safety day, May 16. Kendrick said safety day will lead into the summer safety campaign. The location and time of safety day will be confirmed by the safety office in early May.