ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, ILL. -- (Feb. 28, 2014) With the busy summer moving season soon arriving, the Transportation Office would like to pass on some key moving tips to the community.

The Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) is in its third successful year providing improved quality of life for our service members, civilian employees and their families. DPS not only provides direct and empowered communications between the service member and the Transportation Service Provider 24/7/365 days a year but now also provides shipment status and storage notifications by email.

After you complete your initial move requirements the DPS Interactive Voice Response system will provide you with access to your shipment information as you transition to your new home. You must establish a DPS account to process/manage your shipment, request delivery, file a claim, and complete your Customer Satisfaction Survey. Go to the website (DOD Customer tab) to create your account. Please note, although you are submitting your request in this system you will still need to visit your local Transportation Office to sign your application and give them a copy of your orders. Your shipment cannot be scheduled for a pick up until you have done so. Not all personal property shipments can be moved in this new system. Please contact your local transportation office to see if you qualify. Also, if you have any property in government paid storage, be sure to make arrangement to release that property for shipment as well.

All personnel moving during the summer months should be aware of the high volume of moves during the peak moving months of June, July and August. Plan to be flexible when selecting a pickup date. Never schedule a pickup on the closing date of the residence, on the last day of residency in an apartment or the day of termination of a lease, or the day a cleaning crew is to start cleaning the residence/quarters. Scheduling the pickup on these days leaves no room to adjust for unforeseen problems. Additionally, it's a good idea to leave the telephone and other utilities connected until all property has been picked up. Limited capability during peak season means that not everyone can move on the last day of the month. It is encouraged to be prepared to provide alternate move dates which will allow flexibility in the event your preferred dates can't be met. In most cases, the actual pack, pick-up and delivery dates will be negotiated directly between you and the TSP during the pre-move survey. You should expect one pack day for every 4,000 pounds of estimated weight. The TSP is required to perform a pre-move survey at least five days prior to the requested pickup date.

A good move depends largely on how much you get involved and are well prepared when the movers arrive. Log onto and read the valuable information under the "Preparing for Your Move" section.

The 12 question Customer Satisfaction Survey is the cornerstone of the Defense Personal Property Program. The CSS is a web-based survey that allows you or your spouse to rate the service and performance provided by the TSP. The goal of the survey is to help improve the overall move experience and ensure that only quality moving companies are used to move personal property.

TSPs are selected based on their "Best Value Score." The CSS accounts for a significant portion of the BVS. Filed rates and claims processing also determine a TSPs BVS. You will receive a reminder email to complete the survey seven calendar days after final delivery of a shipment. Your evaluation by completing the survey is critical to the program. The survey can be easily completed through DPS by selecting the "Customer Satisfaction Survey" tab. It is extremely important to keep your email address and contact information contained within DPS up to date.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at (309) 782-5602 or (309) 782-1373.