CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea -- When first arriving to the Republic of Korea, Soldiers are briefed on the security status of our host nation, and the threat of enemy activity is made a reality. Units around the peninsula, especially the 2nd Infantry Division have a huge responsibility in supporting the ROK. Consistent training is a way to assure Soldiers are ready to 'fight tonight.'

Second Combat Aviation Brigade, 2nd Inf. Div., participated in a combined, annual command post exercise Dec. 6-15, 2013, at Camp Humphreys. The exercise was simulation based and not connected to any real world events, but provided command and staff sections an opportunity to perfect operations.

"This was the largest exercise 2nd CAB participated in, every single unit in the CAB was involved in this effort," said Maj. Peter Schmitt, from Aurora, Ill., 2nd CAB executive officer. "The brigade definitely took this exercise seriously. Because the 'fight tonight' concept is so real, this exercise was a great opportunity to engage in training."

The 2nd CAB is composed of four aviation battalions and one support battalion, which provide support around the ROK, and the armed forces.

"We are a force multiplier for our customers, especially our partner ROKA units who we train with frequently," said Schmitt.

In the Army, an after action review is a necessary tool used to access how training went and what can be done to improve training the next time around. It can help to improve those who rely on aviation support.

A mobile training team from Fort Leavenworth, Kan., visited 2nd CAB, offering a 'report card' of sorts on operations during the exercise. The experienced team of military professionals was able to sit in on operations and assist leaders of all levels on how to improve.

"Warpath showed my Soldiers just how urgent things can get and how quickly situations can change," said Staff Sgt. Rodderick Barlow, from Beauregard, Miss., a geospatial engineer assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd CAB. "During my section's after action review, the junior Soldiers reported having a better understanding of what their job can be like in a combat situation. They also reported having an increased sense of pride in their job and themselves.

The 2nd CAB conducts training year-round, including participation in the major peninsula exercises. As Soldiers continue to arrive and depart the ROK, perfecting operations through training is essential to keep combat readiness.