Al Udeid Air Base, Doha, Qatar- On 24 January here at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, the "War Dawgs" of Delta Battery, 3-43 Air Defense Artillery participated in the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing "Weapons System of the Week". It consisted of a brief and a tour and is designed to provide the joint-forces community here a glimpse into the many platforms that support the Combined Forces Air Component Commander's ability to project decisive air power throughout the Central Command Area of Responsibility.
The D Battery Commander, Capt Ben Mayhew, along with one of his Tactical Control Officers, 1st Lt. Akeem Rutherford, gave a brief to 12 Airmen about the Patriot system and its capabilities. Mayhew and Rutherford provided extensive information on each component of the Patriot system as well as the capabilities of the threats that they may face at any given time.
This briefing showcased the current laydown of air defense forces throughout the AOR in order to counter that threat. They discussed the Command and Control relationships that affect Patriot operations and the primary charge forward deployed air defense forces which are protecting our friendly forces throughout the region.
Following the brief, the Airmen were escorted to a Patriot Site here to get an up-close look at the equipment which protects them from the any possible air breathing threat in which Patriot is the primary defense system. As the Airmen walked around and observed each component, it was clear that they understood the capability that Patriot brings to the defense of CENTCOM critical assets. From discussions consisting of the fire control equipment which consists of the battery command post, antenna mast group, electric power plant, engagement control station, and the radar to the downrange tour of the different launchers that operate at the site.
The participation in the Weapon System of the Week demonstrated to the joint partners on Al Udeid Air Base how the U.S. Army and Soldiers from Task Force Legion enhance the safety of AUAB and the contribution to the joint stabilization and security efforts of the CENTCOM AOR.