KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany- The 21st Theater Sustainment Command and the U.S. Air Force - Europe began providing emergency humanitarian assistance on Aug 12, for the people of Georgia in response to the crisis situation.

Soldiers from the 66th Transportation Company and the 39th Transportation Battalion, and airmen from the 723rd Air Mobility Squadron worked 36 straight hours to palletize over 75,000 pounds of emergency shelter items and medical supplies which included tents, blankets, bedding, hygiene items, clothing, beds and cots in order to support this mission to the Georgian people.

"Due to the real world situation on the ground in Georgia, European Command, United States Army Europe, United States Air Force Europe and 21st TSC expeditiously planned and executed the initial humanitarian supply flight within 24 hours of the cease fire agreement to help bring relief to the Georgian people," said Lt Col Robert Curran commander of the 39th Transportation Battalion.

The humanitarian aid supplies were provided from State Department stock at the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center - Europe's Humanitarian Assistance Program Warehouse in Pirmasens, Germany.

An Air Load Planning Officer was in charge of the load as it was received and placed onto aviation pallets. After the loads were inventoried, certified, weighed and strapped down, they were handed over to the Air Force for loading and transport to the destination.

"21st TSC is the lead coordinating Army logistics unit that is packaging, staging and transporting supplies to the Air Force for air movement to Georgia," said Curran.

It is a joint effort involving all services.

"We are augmenting the State Department disaster assistance package with DOD emergency and medical supplies and equipment from Germany to assist Georgian's humanitarian needs on the ground," said Curran. "Further assessments of humanitarian needs are ongoing for follow on support."

"It's a good feeling to be able to do something good for someone during a situation like this," said Sgt Henry Pinckney from the 5th Quartermaster Company. "I think it is important because you never know when you are going to be the one requiring help one day."

"When we are working against the clock with a 24 hour turnaround everyone is working hard," said Capt. Gabriel Legendry from 39th Transportation Battalion and in charge of the loading site at the Deployment Processing Center, "but, it brings a lot of joy to do something good for someone."