FORTPOLK, La. -- Eighty-four 15th Transportation Company Soldiers provided sustainment support to more than 6,000 3rd Brigade Combat Team Soldiers at the Army's Joint Readiness Training Center Aug. 1 to Sept. 6 here.

The company deployed from Fort Sill to central Louisiana with 25 Palletized Load System tractor-trailers.

"This mission has been a great opportunity for us to train in realistic combat conditions to hone our warfighting skills," said Capt. Theodosia Irizarry, 15th Transporation. Company commander.

For the operation, they are under the operational control of 189th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 82nd Sustainment Brigade, and provided both local and line haul transportation support. The "Road Warriors" company demonstrated a high level of proficiency and skills as Army transporters on the highways and tactical supply routes throughout the joint operational area. They also served as the battalion's primary workforce for auxiliary services including: refueling, maintenance and recovery support, food services, command and control, and distribution.

While serving in the scenario-based country of Atropia, the company delivered all of the required logistics support directly to the front lines to sustain the 3rd BCT Soldiers as they perform their mission: protecting the sovereignty of the government of Atropia and increasing security and stability for the country's citizens.

Throughout the BCT's reception, staging, onward movement and successful parachute assault onto their objective, the 15th Trans Co. has been a critical enabler, allowing the unit to build its combat power and win the fight.

The company delivered more than 4,300 short-tons of equipment and supplies throughout a 50-square-mile battlespace in central Louisiana. This area spanned from the aerial port of embarkation, Fort Polk and extended to the forward edge of the battle area.

The company's food services personnel helped prepare more than 50,000 meals, their fuelers issued more than 25,000 gallons of jet fuel, and they maintained 32 vehicles in a mission ready status.

"We've been able to showcase the incredible talents of the 'Road Warrior' Soldiers under the most difficult conditions, proving our ability to sustain the fight over long distances," said Irizarry.

The captain expressed her appreciation for the work her Soldiers accomplished by living up to the exercise's support challenges.

"This has been an exceptional training event, proving our readiness for future missions," she said.

Temperatures during the exercise soared into the upper 90s with humidity hovering near 100 percent. Such weather seemingly encouraged swarms of persistent mosquitoes and the dedicated opposing forces to hamper the Army's premiere training event. However, those efforts failed.

Having returned to Fort Sill, the unit remains prepared for worldwide on-order deployments over the coming year.