A Fort Bragg-based soldier was detained Saturday in Moscow in the death of his Russian wife's uncle.The U.S. Embassy said Tuesday that Spc. Christopher Garner, 28, turned himself in to police after he became a suspect in the case.Police in the far eastern city of Khabarovsk - 3,800 miles east of Moscow near the Pacific coast - believe a U.S. citizen and his wife killed the woman's uncle, whose body was found in a bag in a nearby village Thursday, according to the Associated Press.Garner, assigned to the 586th Signal Company, has been on leave with his wife since Sept. 3. He joined the 586th, which is part of the 525th Military Intelligence Brigade, in July."We have confidence at this time that his legal rights will be respected and that the State Department will do everything possible to ensure his safety and due process," said Maj. James Crabtree, a spokesman for Fort Bragg.Garner has been detained, not arrested. Under the Russian criminal code, investigators now have 10 days to file charges.Crabtree said it is unclear whether Garner has been charged.