KAMPONG SPEU PROVINCE, Cambodia (May 27, 2013) -- The Medical First Responders course was conducted with the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and Idaho National Guard Soldiers during Angkor Sentinel 2013, May 18-27.

The Medical First Responders course, or MFR, is designed to teach students basic life-saving skills to help their fellow Soldiers should they become injured. Topics covered included patient assessment, hemorrhage control, wound care, mild traumatic brain injuries, basic CPR, and medical evacuation procedures.

As part of Angkor Sentinel 2013, or AS 13, one of the main exercise objectives is to improve lifesaving medical skills and public health capabilities. The MFR consisted of academics, practical instruction, and evaluation.

"I was so impressed with how quickly the RCAF (Royal Cambodian Armed Forces) soldiers picked it up, especially with having no prior medical training," said Master Sgt. Alice Randolph, the Medical First Responders course non-commissioned officer in charge. "RCAF put the knowledge they had learned in the classroom to test when they exceeded my expectations during the practical exams, that's for sure. They are efficient and skilled."

The course culminated with a practical exercise in which the students treated and evacuated simulated casualties.

The MFR course taught 52 RCAF personnel, with the help of medical interpreters from the Kingdom of Cambodia.

During AS13, the Soldiers of the Idaho Army National Guard taught two iterations of the MFR course. Each iteration involved four days of classroom instruction, hands on practical exams, and finished with a day of instruction focusing on Field Sanitation.

In an effort to promote RCAF formations of deployable medical platoons, the MFR course assists to prepare RCAF troops for future United Nations missions.

"I like this training course very much," stated Lt. Col. Nuth Rasy, RCAF platoon leader, "because it also provided us the skills to use on an actual mission to help each other. I would recommend this class to fellow RCAF soldiers, but you will need to study hard and pay attention in this class so you can apply the skill to save people's lives while you are on missions. This training course was very important."

Angkor Sentinel is an annual bilateral exercise sponsored by U.S. Army, Pacific and hosted by the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces. AS 13 is the latest in a continuing series of rigorous, multi-faceted exercises designed to promote regional peace and security. This year marked the fourth iteration of the AS 13 exercise and the third year of participation from the Idaho Army National Guard.