This Memorial Day, 27 May 2013, we will pay honor and tribute to all the men and women who gave their lives defending our nation and enabling us to enjoy the many freedoms we know as Americans. With your support, we can make this holiday weekend more memorable by not losing a single Soldier, Family member, or Civilian employee to needless accidents or injuries.

Memorial Day also marks the close of a four day holiday weekend and the beginning of the summer season. The USARPAC theater includes some of the most pristine, diverse and potentially dangerous environments in the world. Commanders must ensure that our personnel are aware of, and prepared for, the increased risks associated with the season. I encourage all of you to check out the Army's "Know the Signs" Summer Safety Campaign and the other safety resources at:

Off-duty accidents continue to be our top concern. We have already lost 4 USARPAC Soldiers to preventable off-duty accidents during FY13. To address this serious issue, the Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center has developed a tailorable presentation to assist commanders with increasing off-duty safety awareness. I encourage every commander to review and use the materials at:

Remember, it takes proactive leadership, discipline, and teamwork to ensure everyone in USARPAC stays safe this summer. We all need to do our part to reduce preventable accidents, but I expect all leaders to make it their top priority to finish this year without another single fatal accident. I know we can do it!


Lieutenant General, USA