"Three things to remember: It's not just about me, you can trust God, and finally, always hunt the good stuff," said Chaplain (Lt. Col.) David A. VanderJagt, command chaplain of the 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), during a prayer breakfast held 15 May at Cantigny Dining Facility.The title of the prayer breakfast was "Being Content: When You Don't Get What You Want." The message was given just in time for the summer months which has traditionally been known as the "PCS Season," because a lot of military moves happen during that time.VanderJagt, who has served 24 years as an active duty chaplain, said the message given at the breakfast was to encourage Soldiers to be content when they don't get the PCS award they feel they deserve, when they don't get promoted or when receiving a PCS assignment they didn't ask for."Even with the upcoming change of command happening within our unit," said Vanderjagt, "we have to trust God and know that everything works according to plan. Not everything is good but I believe even the bad things can work toward (the) good," VanderJagt continued on his second point that you can trust God.During the breakfast Spc. Viviana Baker, a food service specialist, and her husband Spc. John Baker, a human resources specialist, both of the 3d ESC, performed a skit encompassing all three of the points of the message, with an emphasis on 'hunting the good stuff' in all things. The skit put the chaplain's message into action and gave the attendees something to relate to."When hunting the good stuff, I use the 'poke and pat' method," said Col. Howard L. Merritt, chief of staff of the 3d ESC. "If I have to correct a Soldier for an error on their uniform, I always make sure I point out all that they did right with their uniform before I send them off.""The three points of VanderJagt's message: remembering it's not about me, trusting God and finding a way to hunt the good stuff, ring true to finding day-- to--day contentment, "said Merritt."Being content is never about the situation," said VanderJagt, "it is about my heart, my soul and my spirit."