Welcome to the DEVCOM Analysis Center (DAC)

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Analysis Center (DAC) informs Army modernization and readiness decisions by conducting thorough analyses enabled by tool development and data curation. Mission: To Be the Army’s Analytic Foundation. Vision: Enable Decision Dominance for the Army, DoD and the Joint Force
DAC's Core Competencies highlight the critical areas we provide support to our Soldiers.

Office of the Director

Technical Leadership

  • Mr.  Michael McCarthy
    Division Chief, Artillery, Aviation & Air Defense Analysis
    Mr. Michael McCarthy
  • Ms. Isabel Goode
    Division Chief, Electronic Warfare Analysis Division
    Ms. Isabel Goode
  • Mr. Daniel Landin
    Division Chief, Cyber Experimentation & Analysis
    Mr. Daniel Landin
  • Dr. Thomas Davis
    Division Chief, Human Systems Integration
    Dr. Thomas Davis
  • Ms. Nora Eldredge
    Division Chief, Soldier & Ground Analysis
    Ms. Nora Eldredge
  • Mr. Stephen Kratzmeier
    Division Chief, Sustainment Analysis
    Mr. Stephen Kratzmeier
  • Mr. Andrew Barnett
    Acting Division Chief, Warfighter & Future Integration
    Mr. Andrew Barnett
  • Mr. Bryan Paris
    Director, Joint Technical Coordinating Group for Munitions Effectiveness
    Mr. Bryan Paris
  • Mr. Brian Wilder
    Chief, Experimentation Office
    Mr. Brian Wilder

Apply Today

To join the DAC Team, you may send your resume to: usarmy.apg.devcom-dac.list.applynow@army.mil. DAC supervisors will review resume submissions as positions become available. You will be contacted for an interview if there is interest in offering you a position. The PDF titled, the “Career Descriptions,” is available for additional information about each position. For the scientist and engineering positions, we are offering full-time opportunities for both recent graduates and journeyman positions. DAC is, also, looking for full-time business career positions. Even though we are not currently filling these vacancies, please check back regularly to see when a vacancy may become an active job posting. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Learn more about DAC

THE DAC IS ONE OF EIGHT SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DOMAINS WITHIN THE U.S. ARMY COMBAT CAPABILITIES DEVELOPMENT COMMAND As part of Army Futures Command, the center provides the analytical underpinnings to inform Modernization decisions, while its lifecycle perspective enables it to also focus on near term Readiness and Operational Tools for the Warfighter. The DAC consists of scientists, engineers, operations research/systems analysts, mathematicians and data scientists that serve 21 locations across the United States. The center provides agile, timely and integrated analytical products for item/system level performance and effectiveness, vulnerability/lethality, and human systems integration, enabling Army Futures Command to conduct streamlined decision processes that are underpinned by sound evidence-based analysis. The DEVCOM DAC has a vast array of capabilities, including integrated analysis from concept to fielding, cyber and electronic warfare vulnerability and resiliency, kinetic lethality and vulnerability, authoritative models and data for modernization decisions, Soldier-centered performance design impacts and weaponeering tools for multi-domain operations.
WHY WORK FOR THE DAC? Benefit’s package (health/dental/vision insurance, annual/ sick leave, holidays off and retirement) Mentorship program Become a part of something bigger than yourself Opportunity for travel Flexible work schedules (Regular Day Off [RDO]) Teleworking Professional development (details, assignments, continuing education, job specific training, and college courses)


Operations Research Analyst Engineers (Mechanical, General, Computer, Biomedical, Chemical, Electrical, Aerospace, and Industrial) Mathematician Computer Scientist Scientist (Chemist, Biologist, Physicist, Psychologist, and Physiologist)

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