DAC Welcomes New MILDEP Saie to the Fold: a Career in Data Science

By PARKER MARTINSeptember 15, 2023

Cade Saie represents AFC as he co-leads a panel at this year’s Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, or AFCEA, conference in San Diego, California, this past February. (Photo Credit
Cade Saie represents AFC as he co-leads a panel at this year’s Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, or AFCEA, conference in San Diego, California, this past February. (Photo Credit: PEO 3CT) (Photo Credit: (Photo Credit: PEO 3CT)) VIEW ORIGINAL

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, MD. – Col. Cade M. Saie brings his extensive background and passion for data sciences to the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, known as DEVCOM, Analysis Center, or DAC, as the new Military Deputy.

Saie, who reported to his new role August 21, took over for Maj. Mark Wilson, the acting Military Deputy since Col. Greg Smith’s retirement from DAC this past winter.

As Military Deputy, Saie plans on bringing his wealth of knowledge and expertise in data and analytics to improve collaboration between DAC and other organizations. In addition to supervising, mentoring and rating all military assigned to DAC, the Military Deputy also leads bilateral exchanges between members of the Army’s Analytic Community, as well as a wide range of leader functions, such as executing military-to-military engagements with stakeholders, partners and customers.

“I’m looking forward to it - being part of a large analysis organization again,” said Saie. “I’ve worked with several people from this organization over the course of my career, it’s always been positive. As part of the AFC Stand Up Taskforce, I got to work a lot with the leaders here as we were shaping organizations. My knowledge of how AMSAA transitioned into DAC is pretty robust.”

No stranger to the work DAC is accomplishing to deliver the Army’s future capabilities, Saie has an extensive career specially suiting his new role. His educational background - three master's degrees and a Ph.D. from the Air Force Institute of Technology in a variety of topics such as data science, algorithms and machine learning – ensures that he has the intellect and institutional knowledge to make him a repository of technical information within the organization’s leadership structure.

Between his international operational experience in Germany and his time as an Operational Research Systems Analyst, or ORSA, since 2007, Saie most recently served as the Chief Data Officer within the Network Cross-Functional Team. Prior to that, he served as Chief Data Officer and Director of Data and Decision Sciences for Army Futures Command.

“With the Army shaping up the way it is - requirements and procurement of tech and development of systems – there's a clear place where DAC fits in the decision cycle very well,” said Saie. “I’d like to make sure that part of my job is to help figure out where that is, and that we are poised for the future transformation to the Army of 2040 in a successful and efficient manner.”

Saie, a Vermont native and avid golfer, is hoping to tackle his position as Military Deputy to guide and advise the younger generation of data scientists at DAC. He says the depth of his career and variety of observations will be the key factor for putting the newer workforce on the path to success.

“I’m excited about collaborating with the younger analysts here to help them gain insights from my experiences,” said Saie. “I’ve served on two, three, and four-star level staffs and have had plenty of experience gaining decisions and building relationships. I feel like I know what resonates well with them...sometimes I will see analysts and data scientists who are more interested in displaying what they could do and provide over-elegant solutions to answer problems. It loses the impact of what they should be doing: helping people shape and frame data for an informative matter to a senior leader. That’s what I'll help with."