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19th ESC Command Video

Daegu and Area IV: A Great Place to Live and Work

This video highlights what life is like being stationed at U.S. Army Garrison Daegu in the Republic of Korea. USAG Daegu residents experience the best of both worlds—a small town, close knit community on base and a big city full of excitement and entertainment right outside the gates.

USAG Daegu has the largest footprint in South Korea, encompassing almost half of the country. As an enduring hub on the peninsula, we also provide support to the U.S. Navy at Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae and the U.S. Marine Corps at Camp Mujuk in Pohang.

USAG Daegu, an Army Community of Excellence Award winner, is a wonderful place to live and work. Our workforce is dynamic, always making a difference in an energetic community.

For more information please visit our website at https://home.army.mil/daegu/index.php


Headquartered in Daegu, Republic of Korea, the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command is the largest forward-deployed multi-component ESC in the U.S. Army. 19th ESC provides Operational Sustainment and Mission Command of sustainment operations for 8th U.S. Army. On order, 19th ESC executes Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO), Combined/Joint Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (RSO&I), provides support to Joint Forces and is prepared to provide mutual support to coalition forces.

The 19th ESC commander serves as the senior officer responsible for Area IV, which is the southern hub for sustainment and power projection on the peninsula. The ESC consists of approximately 5,600 assigned personnel spread across the Korean theater of operations. Collectively, the 19th ESC comprises a team of professionals to support all U.S. troops stationed in the Republic of Korea.

By working with multiple strategic partners, the 19th ESC integrates and synchronizes strategic sustainment capabilities with operational and tactical requirements throughout the peninsula. These partners include the Army Materiel Command's 403rd Army Field Support Brigade, the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's 837th Transportation Battalion, the Defense Contract Management Agency-Korea, the 411th Contracting Support Brigade, the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center-Korea, DLA Energy, and DLA Distribution.

Another unique and critical part of the 19th ESC mission is the combined nature of all of its operations in Korea. By closely working with ROK Army counterparts, to include the ROK 2nd Operational Command, the ROK Transportation Command, and the ROK Logistics Command, the 19th ESC builds on the strong alliance between the United States and the ROK to improve effectiveness and efficiency in sustaining units throughout the Korean theater of operations.

In conjunction with its partners, 19th ESC manages the southern hub, which is the sustainment and power projection backbone for the peninsula. It works closely with the U.S. Army Garrison Daegu to improve installation capabilities and services that enable the sustainment mission and improve quality of life for Soldiers, civilians, and families who live in the area.

Additionally, the ESC's outreach efforts through community relations programs such as the Korean American Friendship Circle and the USFK Good Neighbor Program, combined with continued relationships with local governments, help promote partnerships and cultural understanding between 19th ESC and the surrounding communities.


The 19th General Support Command was activated in Seoul, Republic of Korea, July 15, 1964.

In 1972 the 19th General Support Command was relocated to Daegu as a part of the consolidation of Eighth Army Support and Depot Commands. The 19th remained part of the US Army Korea Support Command until that command was dissolved. The 19th then merged with the 23rd Support Group to form the 19th Support Brigade (Provisional).

In November 1974, the 19th became a non-divisional brigade.

In March 1977, the 19th was designated as the 19th Support Command.

On February 14, 1994 the 19th Support Command was re-designated the 19th Theater Army Area Command, headquartered in Daegu.

On June 16, 2000, the unit was re-designated the 19th Theater Support Command (Provisional).

On December 16, 2005 the unit was re-designated as the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command.

19th ESC Insignia and Crest

The 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command's shoulder insignia features the outlined shape of the Rose of Sharon, the insignia is bordered in yellow and has a divided background of red and blue, taken from the central symbol of the Republic of Korea's flag. The insignia is proudly worn on the sleeves of all 19th ESC Soldiers from the sea to the DMZ.

The 19th ESC crest is set in gold. The blue and red colors symbolize support, while the keystone arch, from the Independence Gate in Seoul, signify the unit's activation and service in Korea. The blue contiguous stars denote the unit's organization under the COSTAR concept and the command and territorial controls in the assigned areas. The single flower, the Rose of Sharon and nine segments of the arch denote the command's numerical designation.

  • 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command Insignia
    19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command Insignia
  • 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command Crest
    19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command Crest


  • Brig. Gen. Jin H. Pak
    Commanding General
    Brig. Gen. Jin H. Pak
  • Command Sgt. Maj. Elfonso Green
    19th ESC Command Sergeant Major
    Command Sgt. Maj. Elfonso Green

Contact Us

19th ESC Staff Duty: 315-763-4421

From U.S. 011-82-503-363-4421

From Korea: 0503-363-4421

HHC Orderly Room: DSN: 315-763-4095

19th ESC Public Affairs Office

Public Affairs fulfills the Army's obligation to keep the American people informed about its activities.

To request Public Affairs support of 19th ESC unit events call us, or email us by clicking the link below.

DSN 315-763-4086/4087/4090/4091

In Korea: 0503-363-4086/4087/4090/4091

From the U.S. 011-82-503-363-4086/4087/4090/4091

Email 19th ESC Public Affairs


NOTE: 19th ESC has a very limited staff and is resourced to provide support for newsworthy events in support of 19th ESC operations. Photo and imagery event support for any other events should be directed to the Visual Information Support Center-Korea. http://www.vios.army.mil

Our Address:

19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command

Public Affairs Office

Building 1501 Room 159-2

Unit #15015

APO AP 96218

U.S. Army Materiel Support Command Korea


    MSC-K executes sustainment operations (maintenance and supply), mission command of subordinate organizations, and coordinates host nation enablers to support forces on the Korean Peninsula. On order executes Noncombatant Evacuation Operations, Combined/Joint Reception Staging Onward Movement and Integration C/JRSO(I) and Korean Service Corps mobilization to set conditions for contingency operations.

    MSC-K operates in 19 facilities across Camp Carroll. It is co-located with Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Distribution Korea and the Army Field Support Battalion-Northeast Asia, which manages Army pre-positioned stocks stored in the Pacific.

    MSC-K is organized into directorates and divisions and led by Department of the Army civilians and local national Korean employees. This organization gives the Eighth Army depot-level capabilities that enhance readiness while saving transportation costs and time. Using these facilities significantly reduces the average turnaround time for repairs and increases readiness for critical combat systems.


    Having a lineage dating back to May 1959 during the post-war period, Camp Carroll was redesignated as the United States Army Materiel Support Center-Korea as directed by UNC/USFK/8A Permanent Orders 65-3, effective December 1,1976 and later designated as U.S. Army Materiel Support Command-Korea (MSC-K) September 2, 2015.

    Since its inception, MSC-K’s organization, structure, and purpose have evolved to support the mission. Currently comprised of Soldiers, Department of the Army Civilians, Korean National employees, and Korean Service Corps paramilitary members, MSC-K stands today as one of the premier sustainment organizations on the peninsula.

    MSC-K is home to the Combat Power Generation Center, which has the Maintenance Directorate, Supply and Transportation Directorate, and the Busan Storage Center. MSC-K is also comprised of the 6th Ordnance Battalion which provides munitions support, the 25th Transportation Battalion which provides movement control, the 498th CSSB which provides flexible and responsive area logistics and personnel services support, and the KSC Battalion which provides embedded, multi-functional sustainment support.

    Working shoulder to shoulder as one team, DA Civilians, Korea Nationals, KSC paramilitaries, KATUSAs, Soldiers, and families of MSC-K truly represent the best of the ROK-U.S. Alliance and bring home what it means to be the home of …“The Winning Team.”

    MSC-K Facebook

  • S1

    Email MSC-K S1

    DSN 315-763-2636

    From U.S. 011-82-503-363-2636

    From off-post in Korea 0503-363-2636

    Public Affairs Office

    DSN 315-765-8328

    From off-post in Korea 0503-365-8328

    From U.S. 011-82-503-365-8328

    Email MSC-K


    25th Transportation Battalion provides mission command of Movement Control Teams (MCTs) in order to manage transportation assets and provide in-transit visibility for the movement of US Forces and materiel in the Republic of Korea (ROK). On order, establish a Theater Movement Control Element (TMCE), Combined Movement Control Centers (CMCCs) and a Combined Seaport Coordination Center (CSCC)

    The 25th Transportation Battalion, working closely with ROK counterparts, coordinates and schedules all U.S. military movements on the peninsula. Every day, the 25th Transportation Battalion works with the Korea Railroad Corporation to facilitate rail movements.

    During contingency operations, the battalion partners with the ROK Transportation Command at all of the ROK Army's 4-star headquarters, which include the Capital Defense Command, First ROK Army, Third ROK Army, and the 2nd Operational Command.

    DSN 315-768-6105

    Korea: 0503-368-6105

    Unit #15181,

    APO AP 96218

    25th Transportation BN Facebook


    138th Movement Control Team

    517th Movement Control Team

    662nd Movement Control Team

    665th Movement Control Team


    The 498th CSSB provides flexible and responsive area logistics and personnel services support to sustain decisive action on the Korean peninsula. On order, provides mission command sustainment operations for noncombatant Evacuation Operations (NEO) and Reception, Staging and Onward movement (RSO).


    DSN 315-765-8476

    Korea: 0503-365-8476

    From U.S. 011-82-503-365-8476

    Unit #15275

    APO AP 96260-5384

    498th CSSB Facebook


    551st Inland Cargo Transfer Co.

    339th Quartermaster Co.

    176th Financial Management Support Unit

    95th Transportation Co.

    541st Field Feeding Co.


    6th OD BN synchronizes and provides munition operations for Eighth Army. On order provides mission command for relocation center operations.

    The 6th Ordnance Battalion is the only active duty battalion of its type. The battalion's Soldiers store, maintain, and issue all U.S. ammunition and explosives on the peninsula. It works side by side with ROK Army soldiers in ROK ammunition depots and supply points using ROK Army equipment. It also makes ammunition operations on the peninsula safer by retrograding or demilitarizing obsolete ammunition.


    DSN 315-763-5735

    Korea: 0503-365-8031

    From U.S. 011-82-503-365-8031

    Unit #15127,

    APO, AP 96260-5127

    6th Ordnance BN Facebook


    17th Ordnance Co.

    52nd Ordnance Co.

    84th Ordnance Co.


    The Korean Service Corps (KSC) Battalion executes daily mission command of 2,185 mission essential Korean Nationals in 18 companies augmenting on-peninsula US forces with embedded, multi-functional, sustainment support.


    The Civilian Transportation Corps was created March 15, 1951, consisting of civilians to provide logistics support to the defenders of the final defensive line of ROK and US Army troops along the Naktong (Nakdong) River during the Korean War. The CTC was re-organized as the Korean Service Corps on 14 Jul 1951 under direction of General James Van Fleet.

    Today the KSC Battalion, a flagged battalion commanded by an U.S. Army Lt. Col., which is assigned to the U.S. Army Materiel Support Command-Korea and the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command. Just as it did during the Korean War, the KSC Battalion will "bridge the gap" between current US capabilities and required wartime end strength by providing critical capabilities until U.S. reinforcement forces arrive in Korea.

    DSN 315-768-6105

    Korea: 0503-368-6105

    From U.S. 011-82-503-368-6105

    Unit #15181,

    APO AP 96218

    KSC Website

    KSC Facebook

94th Military Police Battalion


    Conducts Law Enforcement and Detention Operations in support of Eighth Army to protect the force, populations, and resources. On order conducts Security and Mobility Support and Detention Operations.

    94th MP Battalion is the only MP battalion on the peninsula and the largest forward deployed MP battalion in the U.S. Army. The "Polar Bear" battalion has a diverse mission; every day it has more than 400 MP personnel working across the peninsula to provide law enforcement, criminal investigation, military working dog, close protection, and traffic accident investigation services.

    Headquartered at Camp Humphreys, the battalion has companies stationed throughout the peninsula, patrolling from the sea to the Demilitarized Zone. While supporting law and order, they also make time to conduct tactical training consisting of gunnery qualifications and lanes training that test the Soldiers' ability to perform their wartime mission and that determine their proficiency as it relates to the units' mission essential task list. One platoon at a time from each company plans and executes collective training to improve tactical and law enforcement skills.


    Constituted 8 June 1945 in the Army of the United States as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 94th Military Police Battalion. Activated 13 June 1945 in France, Inactivated 25 February 1946 in France. Allotted 24 October 1950 to the Regular Army. Activated 30 October 1950 in Korea and inactivated in Korea on 20 March 1953. The unit was again activated on 24 June 1959 in Germany (Companies A, B and C constituted 30 March 1971 in the Regular Army and activated in Germany). Battalion inactivated 21 June 1976 in Germany. Reactivated in Korea 12 April 1996.

    94th MP BN Facebook

  • BN S1

    DSN 315-757-3406/3417

    Korea 0503-357-3406/3417

    From U.S. 011-82-503-357-3406/3417


HHC 19th ESC

HHC Commander: DSN: 315-763-4092

HHC 1SG: DSN: 315-763-4094

Orderly Room: DSN: 315-763-4096

19th ESC Staff Duty: 315-763-4421

From Korea: 0503-363-4421

From U.S. 011-82-503-363-4421

The Every Soldier Counts Podcast

The Every Soldier Counts Podcast focuses on the people who conduct the day-to-day operations at the Army's largest forward-deployed expeditionary sustainment command. 19th ESC executes a critical mission to sustain U.S. military operations across the Republic of Korea. 19th ESC specializes in a wide array of sustainment activities including transportation, maintenance, food service, supply and support.

(Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

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19th ESC Resources

  • Public Affairs fulfills the Army's obligation to keep the American people informed about its activities.

    To request Public Affairs support of 19th ESC unit events call us, or email us by clicking the link below.

    DSN 315-763-4086/4090/4091

    In Korea: 0503-363-4086/4090/4091

    From the U.S. 011-82-503-363-4086/4090/4091

    Email 19th ESC Public Affairs


    NOTE: 19th ESC has a very limited staff and is resourced to provide support for newsworthy events in support of 19th ESC operations. Photo and imagery event support for any other events should be directed to the Visual Information Support Center-Korea. http://www.vios.army.mil


    The partnership has been bound in blood since the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950. The U.S. military helped build the foundations for the Republic of Korea. Our security Alliance has strengthened and our partnership has widened to encompass political, economic, social and cultural cooperation. In the 21st Century security environment, we will continue to deepen our strong bilateral economic, trade and investment relations. Through our Alliance we aim to build a better future for all people on the Korean Peninsula, establishing a durable peace on the Peninsula and leading to peaceful reunification on the principles of free democracy and a market economy.

    Contact 19th ESC COMREL/G9

    DSN: 315-763-4392/4394

    Korea: 0503-363-4392/4394

    From U.S.: 011-82-503-363-4392/4394



    The eyes, ears, voice, and conscience of the Army across the spectrum of operations. The IG acts as an internal watchdog investigating allegations of misconduct by Army officials. IG’s primary role is to investigate complaints of waste, fraud or abuse that violate Army rules and regulations. IG also conducts thorough, objective, and impartial inspections, assessments, and investigations. IG Provides assistance and training. The IG advise and assist Army leaders to maintain Army values, readiness, and effectiveness in the promotion of well-being, good order, and discipline.

    Inspector General

    DSN: 315-763-4076

    Korea: 0503-363-4076

    From U.S.: 011-82-503-363-4076

    Email the 19th ESC IG


    Eighth Army Inspector General



  • Stay Army! Stay Team 19!

    Team 19 Retention

    19th ESC Retention Office: Rm 120 19th ESC Headquarters Building, Camp Henry

    Command Career Counselor 763-4010

    Senior Retention Operations NCO 763-4013

    Retention Operations NCO 763-4012

    Career Counselor 763-2154

    Army Human Resources Command reenlistment information (CAC login)

  • Safety Director: 763-4363

    Deputy: 763-4364

    Ammunition and Explosive Safety Specialist: 768-6473

    Tactical Safety Specialist: 768-7301

    Radiation Safety Specialist: 763-4362

    Safety Office Admin: 768-7301








    The Equal Opportunity (EO) program formulates, directs, and sustains a comprehensive effort to maximize human potential and to ensure fair treatment for all based solely on merit, fitness, and capability which all support readiness. EO is a responsibility of leadership and a function of command. This philosophy is based on fairness, justice, and equity. Commanders are responsible for sustaining a positive EO climate within their units.

    Specifically, the goals of the EO program are to:

    Provide EO for military personnel, civilians, and family members both on and off post and within the limits of the laws of localities, states, and host nations.

    Create and sustain effective units by eliminating discriminatory behaviors or practices that undermine teamwork, mutual respect, loyalty, and shared sacrifice of the men and women of America's Army.

    Additionally, in many circumstances, DA civilians may use the Equal Employment Opportunity complaint system. Army Regulation (AR) 690-600 provides further guidance.

    Contribute to mission accomplishment, cohesion, and readiness.

    Civilian employees of the Department of the Army (DA) may lodge complaints under this regulation that can result in an official investigation and possible disciplinary action against the Soldiers involved. They may also file discrimination complaints in accordance with AR 690-600: Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Discrimination Complaints. However, civilian employees who engage in discriminatory actions are not subject to discipline under AR 690-20: Army Command Policy, but are subject to the separate procedures of AR 690-600.


    19th ESC Equal Opportunity Office: 763-4041




  • Eighth Army Force Protection Page

    Emergency Numbers


    OFF POST 119

    ON POST 911

    FIRE :


    0503-364-5911 (CW/CH)


    ON POST 911

    POLICE :






U.S. Army Garrison Daegu Community

  • Sustainer Grill, Camp Henry, Building S-1610

    Dining Facility for Camps Henry and Walker

    Debit & credit cards accepted

    Hours of Operation

    Mon-Fri.: Breakfast 0730-0900, Lunch 1130-1330, Dinner 1700-1830

    Sat.-Sun.: Brunch 0930-1300, Supper 1700-1830

    Grab & Go Annex (Opposite side of Entrance Building S-1610

    Hours of Operation

    Mon.-Fri.: Breakfast 0730-0930, Lunch 0930-1330

    Sat.-Sun.: Lunch 1300-1630

    Hilltop 303 Grill, Camp Carroll, Building S-303

    Dinning facility for Camp Carroll

    Hours of Operation

    Mon.-Fri.: Breakfast 0730-0900, Lunch 1130-1300, Dinner 1700-1830 (Thurs. 1630-1800)

    Weekend: Brubnch 0930-1300, Supper 1700-1830

    Contact: 765-1408


    Camp Walker (Daegu) Activities and Services

    Sunday Services Location

    0900 Catholic Mass                             Chapel Sanctuary

    1100 Collective Protestant Service                Chapel Sanctuary

    1230 Multi Cultural Gospel Service                Chapel Sanctuary

    1700 Contemporary Worship Service           Chapel Sanctuary

    Sunday Religious Activities

    0930 Adult Bible Study                         Chapel Annex

    1120 Children Sunday School                    Fellowship Hall

    1500 AWANA Child and Youth Service


    0630 Bible and Bagels                           Chapel Annex

    1000 KWOC                                    Fellowship Hall

    1830 Choir Rehearsal (Protestant)                 Fellowship Hall


    0930 PWOC                                    Fellowship Hall

    1800 Area IV Youth Ministry                      Chapel Annex

    1830 PWOC                                   Fellowship Hall

    1900 MCGS Bible Study                         Chapel Sanctuary


    1800 Choir Rehearsal (Gospel)                    Chapel Sanctuary

    1830 Choir Rehearsal (Catholic)                   Fellowship Hall


    0745 Men of Morning Calm (1st Sat)               Chapel Annex

    1100 Knights of Columbus (2nd Sat)               Chapel Annex

    Camp Carroll (Waegwan)

    Sunday Services Location

    1000 Collective Protestant Service                  Chapel Sanctuary

    1300 Catholic Mass                                Chapel Sanctuary

    Daily Mass: Mon thru Thu at 1200                   Chapel Sanctuary


    1800 KATUSA Bible Study                           Chapel Annex


    1800 Bible Study                                   Chapel Annex


    1000 Korean Women of the Chapel                   Chapel Annex

    1900 Latter-day Saints (LDS)                        Chapel Annex

    Contact: DSN 763-2215

    Emergency: 010-9374-9917


    Building #203

    Hours of Operation:

    M-F 1100-1700 (Closed for lunch 1300-1400)

    Sat. 1100-1300

    Sun. CLOSED

    CLOSED ALL U.S. Holidays

    Phone: 765-8529


    Building #409 

    Hours of Operation:

    M-F 1100-1800

    Sat. 1100-1400

    Sun. CLOSED

    CLOSED ALL U.S. Holidays

    Phone: 764-4179

19th ESC Phone Book


Commanding General’s Office 763-4044

Deputy Commander 763-4046

Chief of Staff 763-4047/4051

CG Aide-de-Camp 763-4043

CG Aide-de-Camp (ROK) 763-4049

Secretary General Staff 763-4054

Deputy SGS 763-4048

NCOIC SGS 763-4005

Command Sergeant Major 763-4045

CSM Aide-de-Camp 763-4055

19th ESC HHC Commander 763-4092

19th ESC HHC 1SG 763-4094

19th ESC XO 763-4093

19th ESC HHC Operations NCO 763-4420

G-1 763-4468

G-1 Deputy 763-4257

G-1 SGM 763-4477

G-1 Admin 763-4471

G-1 Strength Management 763-4031

G-1 EPS 763-4097

G-2 763-4453

G-2 Deputy 763-4454

G-2 Security Manager 763-4730

G-2 NCOIC 763-4063

G-3 763-4317

G-3 SGM 763-4303

G-3 Admin 763-4302

G-33 Current Operations 763-4027

G-33 NCOIC Current Operations 763-4328

G-33 CBRN 763-4690

G-34 AF-FP 763-4358

G-34 NCOIC 763-4329

G-35 Future Operations 763-4314

G-35 NCOIC Future Operations 763-5012

G-35 NEO 763-4311

G-37 Training 763-4319

G-37 NCOIC Training 763-4319

Knowledge Management 763-4070

Engineer Cell 763-4359

Transformation 763-4360

G-4 763-4354

G-4 NCOIC 763-4351

G-4 S&S Logistics 763-4315

G-4 Food Service 763-4345

G-4 PBO 763-4343

G-4 Maintenance 763-4344

G-4 Facility Management 763-4357

G-6 763-4004

G-6 Deputy: 763-4465

G-6 SGM: 763-4001

G-6 NET OPS OIC: 763-4008

G-6 Content Manager/Helpdesk OIC: 763-4333

VTC: 763-4458/4466

COMSEC: 763-1550/1551

G-6 Admin: 763-4002

G-6 Helpdesk: 763-4450

G-8 763-4017

G-8 Deputy 763-4414

G-8 Admin 763-4367

G-8 Program & Budget 763-4388

G-8 Force Management & Services 763-4387

G-8 Civilian Human Resources 763-4050

G-8 Financial Management Operations 763-4370

G-9 763-4390

G-9 NCOIC 763-4391

Community Relations Director 763-4389

Community Relations 763-4392

Support Operations (SPO) 763-4151

SPO Deputy 763-4150

SPO-SGM 763-4148

SPO-Admin 763-4146

SPO Distribution, Plans, Integration Branch 763-4198

SPO Logistics Training Team 763-4130

SPO Transportation Operations Branch 763-4283

SPO Host Nation Support 763-4176

SPO SASMO/Logistics Automation 763-4102

SPO Supply & Field Services 763-4169

SPO Maintenance 763-4212

SPO Munitions 763-4246

SPO Fuel & Water 763-4259

Protocol 763-4056

Protocol OIC 763-4056

Protocol NCOIC 763-4060

Protocol Assistant 763-4058/4059

Protocol Admin. 763-4057

Chaplain 763-4080

Chaplain NCOIC 763-4083

Chaplain Admin 763-4081

Equal Opportunity 763-4041

EO NCOIC 763-4041

Inspector General 763-4076

Public Affairs 763-4091

Public Affairs NCOIC 763-4090

Media Relations Specialist 763-4087

Public Affairs Specialist 763-4086

Command Career Counselor 763-4010

Retention NCOIC 763-4013

Retention NCO 763-4012

Safety 763-4363/4364

Deputy: 763-4364

Ammunition and Explosive Safety Specialist: 768-6473

Tactical Safety Specialist: 768-7301

Radiation Safety Specialist: 763-4362

Safety Office Admin: 768-7301

SHARP Program Manager 763-4067

SHARP NCOIC 763-4288

Staff Judge Advocate 763-4432

Deputy 763-4433

Legal Admin 763-4443

Chief Paralegal 763-4434

Surgeon 763-4109

Deputy 763-4112

Medical Operations 763-4110

Medical NCOIC 763-4111

Daegu and Area IV: A Great Place to Live and Work

Newcomers Info

On orders to the Republic of Korea? The below information should help you out before you fly and after you get here. Scroll to the bottom for an extensive, curated listed of videos about living and working in South Korea.

Useful Apps

This list of applications is for informational purposes only and in no way suggests an endorsement of any app, product, or person by 19th ESC or the U.S. Army.


PAPAGO - AI Translator A favorite in the Republic of Korea

Google Translate A very good app that is very accurate.

Naver Dictionary Developed specifically for translating between English and Korean.

WayGo A handy app which will translate street signs, menus or anything into English.


Naver Map A made in Korea app that works much better than Google Maps.

Waze Almost as good as Naver Maps

Google Maps It’s not likely already on your phone but is limited, especially for navigation because South Korean law does not allow certain information to be stored on foreign servers.

KakaoMap Competitor to Naver Map

Subway Korea Offers subway line information on major cities to include Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, and Daejeon.

Seoul Subway app Seoul specific subway app

Korail Talk Provides train ticket reservation services in English.

KakaoMetro Like the Subway Korea app.

KakaoBus Provides an extensive listing of bus lines and routes.

KakaoTaxi Probably the best Taxi app to hail a cab in South Korea. Uber and other ride sharing apps are not allowed in South Korea.

AAFES Taxi Information for AAFES Taxi’s at installations across the peninsula. http://www.ftnholdings.com/


Digital Garrison Installation Management Command, AAFES and MWR team up to create a one-stop information source for Army communities.

XE Currency Converter and Exchange Rate Calculator Agreat way to find out how much Won you’l get to the dollar.

Accuweather app One of the many apps that work well in South Korea.

Visit Korea App The official Korea Tourism Organization app.

Coupang Eats You know that Korea is big for food delivery. Experience a food delivery service that many Koreans enjoy every day.

KLOOK Find discounted tickets and tours.

KakaoTalk The preferred method of communicating in South Korea.

Living in the Republic of Korea

19th ESC Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention & Response Program


Sexual assault has no place in the Army. Allegations of sexual assault must be investigated promptly and impartially and resolved expeditiously. Commanders and leaders at all levels are responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment for those in their charge. This responsibility requires leaders to take action to prevent sexual assault, protect and support victims, and hold offenders accountable by taking all appropriate administrative and judicial actions based on the facts and circumstances of each case.

Area IV SHARP Program Manger/Lead Sexual Assault Response Coordinator:

Mrs. Bethany Cortes, DSN 763-4069, Cell 010-8525-8544, bethany.j.cortes.civ@army.mil

Area IV SHARP Program NCOIC/Sexual Assault Response Coordinator:

SSG Jean L. Louis  DSN 763-4067, jean.l.louis.mil@army.mil

Area IV SARC/VA Office, Bldg #1705, Camp Henry, Daegu

Confidential Reporting-USFK 24/7 SHARP Hotline DSN: 158 Comm: 0503-363-5700

Confidential Reporting-USFK 24/7 SHARP Hotlinefrom Stateside: 011-82-53-470-5700 or 011-82-503-363-5700

DoD Safe Helpline: 1-877-995-5247


19th ESC SHARP Facebook Page

Eighth Army SHARP

Army Resilience Directorate SHARP page