Ms. Deanna Berthod, PEO Ammunition Security Office
PEO Ammunition's security officer, Ms. Deanna Berthod

Ms. Deanna Berthod, Director Security and International Programs, PEO Ammunition.

Ms. Deanna Berthod has single handedly performed all the G2 missions for the PEO Ammunition office that would typically be handled by a staff of 2-3 people. She manages PEO Ammunition's Information Security Program and has instituted robust procedures to prevent breeches.

She resolved systemic problems with the encryption equipment (KIV-7M) in coordination with the Crypto Technicians at Tobyhanna and has maintained all the cryptographic equipment and accreditation documentation ensuring 100% operational availability of equipment since then. She has proactively worked to ensure there are no lapses in security clearances for PEO personnel enabling them to meet all mission requirements and she maintained security integrity by implementing sound security practices.

She prepared for and successfully completed an arsenal wide COMSEC inspection without any deficiencies. Ms. Berthod displayed a high degree of professionalism and effectiveness in assisting in the development of Program Protection Plans for all PEO Ammunition acquisition programs. She has also provided critical reviews and evaluations of proposed DoD policy concerning Program Protection Planning.

She orchestrated required actions and approvals necessary to complete all foreign disclosure requests for information and visits by foreign nationals and their representatives.

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