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The recently established GCSS-ArmyNet is a new community within SustainNet, providing a virtual, online environment to support fielding, training and overall sustainment of GCSS-Army operations, throughout the Army.

It provides Soldiers, Civilians and Leaders with the means to collaborate, share knowledge and interact with subject matter experts at Department of the Army G-4, Combined Arms Support Command Enterprise Systems Directorate, PM GCSS-Army, Sustainment schools, and other GCSS-Army users, worldwide. The range of GCSS-A topic areas include Unit Supply, Property Book, Maintenance, Human Resources, Force Element, Finance, Distribution, Ammunition and SSA supply.

From within GCSS-ArmyNet, you'll be able to:
- access the GCSS-A Knowledge Center (KC);
- view strategic communications and briefings;
- generate questions/comments through blogs and discussions;
- join in on live/virtual GCSS-A meetings and training sessions; and
- benefit from multimedia learning and other GCSS-A knowledge products, services and performance support tools, as they evolve.

Join Now...GCSS-A is Coming to Your Organization Soon!! To find out more, click the link to the right that says "GCSS-ArmyNet" and become member (if you haven't already done so). Activate your "subscription" so you can stay informed.

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