FORT RUCKER, Ala. (May 3, 2012) -- It's not every day people call the military police to have a co-worker arrested, but the upcoming Army Emergency Relief Jail-A-Thon is an opportunity to do just that.

Last year's event raised $6,500 for AER, the Army's non-profit organization that provides emergency financial assistance and dependent scholarships, according to Mimi Brooks, AER officer. This year, organizers hope to raise at least $6,000 again.

The program raises money by charging for jail time and giving people the option of paying for their release. The rates are based on service members' and employees' pay grades and divided in to half-hour increments, said Sgt. Zeyna Jimenez of the 6th MP Det., adding that the rates for spouses are the same as the service members.

For example, if a person paid $20 to have a co-worker arrested, the arrestee could serve the half-hour in jail or pay $20 to be released. Similarly, if a person paid $40 to have the same co-worker serve an hour in jail, that co-worker could stay in jail an hour or pay the $40 for an early release.

The MPs will start picking people up May 17 at 8:30 a.m. and bring them to the PX for a mock trial, said Jimenez. The judge will read the arrest warrant, pronounce the sentence and send the arrestee to the jail, which will also be set up at the PX.

After serving their time or paying the fee, MPs will give the former prisoners a ride back to their offices so they don't miss more work than they have to, said Jimenez.

"We have a lot of fun with it," she added.

"We hope that everyone will come out and support AER during the Jail-A-Thon fundraising event," said Brooks. "One hundred percent of the proceeds will be contributed to Army Emergency Relief."

To pay for a person to be arrested, visit the PX during lunch hours to fill out an arrest warrant or call 255-2120 or 255-1003. Arrest warrants will be issued now through May 16.

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