Cast members of "Honk!" treat the audience to another rollicking number during a production at the Community Activity Center on Camp Humphreys.

CAMP HUMPHREYS -- "Honk!" made a lot of spectacular noise March 30-31, as Play Bill's Humphreys Community Theatre put on a show that wasn't just for the birds.

"Honk!" is a musical rendition of The Ugly Duckling and was filled with humor, song, and dance. It took place at the Community Activity Center.

"Everything was built, hand-sown, or made by the community and there were donations of items," said Christi Mancha, production director.

The main character of the show was a bird named Ugly, who was thought to be the son of two ducks. Other birds teased Ugly for being so unattractive.

The villain of the show was a conniving and delightfully evil cat with a French accent, who beguiled the main character into "following him home for lunch."

This led to quite an adventure for Ugly, as he was trying to find his way back to his family.

"It was awesome," said attendee Chrystal Cunningham. "I know they put a lot of work in it, and it's great for the kids to see live theatre."

Roni Gardinier said she thought it was terrific and humorous and that "the kids are surprisingly good for being so young."

No production could do without backstage hands, or Ninjas, as this group is affectionately known. Soldiers from the 602nd Aviation Support Battalion's A Company volunteered for the backstage work.

"I like to see kids smile, so by me volunteering, it makes me feel good to know that I put a smile on someone's face," said D'Mario Fields of the 602nd.

"I volunteer because we are able to help out other people, and it has been a good experience for all of us" added Alma Gonzalez, also of the 602nd.

When asked what she thought of the show, Tara McTyson said, "It's great! It's very funny and it's something that kids and adults can relate to."

"My favorite part was when Ugly became a swan," added Vanessa Wilson. However, Sam Cunningham may have summed it up best when she said, "I liked all of it."

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