FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. -- From time to time, it becomes necessary to clean the water distribution system on Fort Meade.

American Water began flushing the system in February and plans to finish the project in June.

During the flushing, the water may become cloudy and discolored. It may also have an odor. To reduce these effects, let the water run from the cold tap for a few minutes.

Lower water pressure may be experienced during the flushing, however, the pressure will quickly return to normal.

To help avoid clothes-staining, the best time for washing laundry is from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., during nonflushing hours. Running an empty, short wash or short cold-rinse cycle prior to adding clothes will also help.

In addition, toilet flush mechanisms can possibly become clogged by small particles in the water, which can cause an erratic flushing operation that will normally stabilize with continued use.

Refer to the schedule to know when your specific area will be flushed. Flushing will be conducted regardless of weather conditions.

For more information, call American Water at 443-591-0909.

Water system flushing schedule

* Monday, Section 3, Heritage Park, Taylor Avenue east to Roberts Avenue and south to Route 32 (Bldgs. 30 through 78, 6620 and 6622, 4200-4475, 2271-2286)

* March 26, Section 4, Commercial/DISA area, Cooper Avenue east to Garner Lane and Mapes Road south to Llewellyn Avenue (Bldgs. 2500-2699, 4407-4432, 4500-4551)

* April 2, Section 5, Medical/RV area, Redwood Road, east to Ernie Pyle Street and Llewellyn Avenue south to Morrison Street (Bldgs. 2300-2302, 2480-2491, 4424-4425)

* April 9, Section 6, Recycle area, Ernie Pyle Street east to Annapolis Road and Llewellyn Avenue south to Route 32 (Bldgs. 195, 201-249, 294,375,393, 392, 2200-2257)

* April 4, Section 7, EPA/MWRA area, MacArthur Road east to Annapolis Road and Reece Road south to Llewellyn Avenue (Bldgs. 546, 601, 701, 830-855, 2501,2630, 2724-2790, 2849)

* April 4, Section 8, Potomac Ridge area, Ernie Pyle Street south to Reece Road and Cooper Avenue east to Ernie Pyle Street (Bldgs. 2900-3099, 4800-5012)

* April 30, Section 9, VCC area, Ernie Pyle Street east to Bldg. 1900 and 22nd Street south to Walker Drive (Bldgs. 900-1007, 1830-1850, 1900-1978, 2010-2122)

* May 7, Section 10, Patriot Ridge/Schools area, Cooper Avenue east to Annapolis Road and Ridge Road south to Ernie Pyle Street (Bldgs. 1100-1102, 1250-1252, 3100-3102, 3300-3320, 3400-3483, 3523-3564)

* May 14, Section 11, Pershing Hill area, Connector Road east to Wray Road (Bldg. 7600) and south to Rockenbach Road (Bldgs. 7000-7755)

* May 21, Section 12, 2nd Calvary Avenue area, Rockenbach Road north to Bldg. 8122 and 79th Division Boulevard east to Mills Court (Bldgs. 7800-8122)

* May 21, Section 13, Meuse Forest area, Rockenbach Road north to Bldg. 8926 and Clark Road south to Barkley Street (Bldgs. 3900-3902, 8400-8926)

* June 4, Section 14, National Security Agency

All finish times are approximate.

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