CAMP CARROLL, South Korea - In the most Northwestern region of South Korea, among the rice fields near the DMZ, is Nightmare Range. It is in this place, near the city of Pocheon, that Soldiers are honing a critical combat skill.

The 498th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 501st Special Troops Battalion and elements of the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command participated in a convoy life fire exercise, or CLFX, at Nightmare Range, South Korea May 4, 2011.

While driving through a closed course, Soldiers had to react to small-arms fire, treat wounded personnel, request medical evacuation support and stay vigilant for possible improvised explosive devices.

The 498th CSSB, which hosted the CLFX, made sure training was as realistic as possible for participants. The training incorporated a Boeing AH-64 Apache and a Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter for close-air support and medical evacuations.

With narrow road ways, multiple road intersections and scenarios based from real experiences, Soldiers had their skills put to the test. Moving on the roadways with the scenarios forced Soldiers to create new ways to react to possible real life situations.

Command Sgt. Maj. Stuart Case, 498th CSSB command sergeant major, said he felt the training went well and was glad that Soldiers got a chance to exercise drills that are paramount to combat success.

"[Our Soldiers were] executing something that we need continual training on to keep our skills that we don't exercise on a daily basis in line to meet our combat mission as a combat sustainment support battalion," said Case.

Capt. Edwin Juleus, the 595th Maintance Company commander, said that he feels the training sets the tone and standard for how convoy training should be conducted.

"I think this training is relevant and real. It's going to be the way we do things," said Juleus. "This type of training supports the Army motto 'train as we fight'."

Soldiers who participated in the training offered their opinion.

"The convoy live fire training went very well," said Spc. Steven Howard, a 501st STB communications specialist. "I think this helps the United States Army as a whole."

Howard added that he definitely felt that he learned from the training and that it helped him learn the different actions for dealing with small-arms fire, unexploded ordnance and improvised explosive devices.

Sgt. Crystal Rodriguez, a 501st STB Soldier who specializes in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense, talked about her experience during the CLFX.

"The training that was conducted out here gave the younger Soldiers some good experience, something that they can take out and actually apply during real combat situations," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said that she was looking to use the training to sharpen her leadership skills.

"When I first deployed I was a driver. Now that I am a truck commander, I am put into different shoes," said Rodriguez. "I feel the training was outstanding and all the Soldiers did an outstanding job."

Lt. Col. Ricardo Lebron, the 498th CSSB commander, said he believes the training enhances the battalion's 'Fight Tonight' mentality and helps build stronger cohesion among the teams.

"We want Soldiers to learn about themselves, each other, their leaders and gain proficiency on their assigned equipment," said Lebron. "Additionally, we have many young Soldiers who have never been in combat, so we want the Soldiers to gain a better understanding of a combat-like situation, and how they would react in that environment.

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