NATICK SOLDIER SYSTEMS CENTER, Mass., April 26, 2011 -- At the same time they discovered what their parents do for work, children learned to appreciate the environment April 22, 2011, at Natick Soldier Systems Center's 14th annual "Bring Your Daughters & Sons to Work/Earth Day."

Women in Science & Engineering sponsored the program of activities for children ages 9 to 18. They toured Natick's facilities where their parents work, took part in hands-on demonstrations, a tree planting and a live-animal presentation. They received Earth Day coloring sheets, posters, pamphlets and seedlings.

"We have a lot of great new demos for you to see," Ariana Costa, the event chairperson, told the children assembled in Hunter Auditorium. "And I'm sure you're anxious to get started."

Before they did, Jack Obusek, Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center director, welcomed the children to the installation.

"Well, it's good to have you here," Obusek said. "We've got a great day planned. I have three words that I want you to remember today, and they're pretty easy. They all begin with 'S.'"

Obusek told the children that the three words - Soldier, science and superstar - were related.

"Everything you see, everything we do, the whole reason we're here is because of Soldiers," Obusek said. "So you're going to see that we do things in science and engineering and make experiments so we can make stuff for Soldiers, and I hope that excites you and you ask a lot of questions, because that's what we do in science.

"My daughter Julie is a Soldier. Everything I do when I come to work in the morning and I work with all your moms and dad and grandmas and grandpas (is) for Soldiers."

And who are the superstars, he asked'

"Yes, you and your moms and dads," Obusek said. "They're my superstars. I have to have them here, because if I don't have them, we don't do anything for Soldiers."

Obusek encouraged the bright-eyed guests to be inquisitive as they toured the Natick campus and watched the demonstrations.

"And I hope that you ask those questions and you think about science," said Obusek, "and maybe become scientists or engineers and come and work with us.

"So have fun. We're really glad you're here. Enjoy your day," he said.

Turns out that Obusek could have added a fourth 'S' word - "smiles" - so evident on the faces of the young visitors throughout their day at Natick.

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