Keeping spirits up important during these times
Command Sgt. Maj. Karl Roberts Garrison Command Sergeant Major Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem

Garrison Command Sergeant Major
Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem

Today is April Fools' day, a day widely celebrated as a day to tolerate and expect practical jokes and tricks.

Though it may only last a day, the memory of a good prank or joke can have a much longer lasting impact, serving as a good story to tell or a place to go when one needs a little perk up.

With all that is going on around Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem due to BRAC, a little perk up for many of us is in order. During the townhall meeting March 16, Col. Deborah Grays, U.S. Army Garrison commander, mentioned the importance of maintaining a good sense of humor.

I agree with her 100 percent. Humor and good morale is vital to maintaining the productivity of any group, be it our Soldiers in the field or the Civilian employees who support them behind the lines.

The old adage of "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," can easily be amended to "All business and no humor makes Jack a dull boy." In such a dynamic time, dull people who aren't pleasant to work with are the last thing this organization needs. With many individuals getting new jobs, others are having to pick up new responsibilities.

With workloads increasing for many, there doesn't seem to be much to laugh about. But if one tries hard enough, there is always something that can be found to provide a good laugh or smile, be it a funny picture on the web, a joke told by a co-worker or just some ironic event. And for those of you blessed with a gift of humor and making others laugh, be sure to spread that gift around.

Besides brightening another's day, doing so can also brighten your own. Supervisors, leaders, trainers and NCOs can also do their part when training their subordinates.

We see it at every special event held here; guest speakers who engage the audience with a laugh or two often get the best response. A little humorous anecdote or two can help keep your audience captive and ensure they remember the training better, thus becoming more effective in their job. Of course, there are limits to what is acceptable and what is not.

Sensitivity to people's race, sex, religion and sexual orientation must all be considered. Trying to get others to laugh and brighten their day is not an acceptable reason to be unprofessional. Professionalism is just as vital as good morale in ensuring the mission is accomplished.

The mission at Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem, because it is nearing its end, is also speeding up. Schedules still need to be maintained even as the clock provides less time to do them.

It is only with good spirit and professionalism that we will be able to accomplish all we need to do. I am proud of all the hard work being done by all our Soldiers and Civilian employees toward this goal and the attitudes they maintain. Keep up the good work and spirits.

As for myself and the rest of the command team, you have our guarantee we will continue to work earnestly toward our goals of finding all our employees new jobs and preparing our Soldiers for their next duty assignments, doing so with a smile and in good spirits.

Leader 7!

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