2011 to be 'groundbreaking' for post
Maj. Gen. James M. Milano is the commanding general of the U.S. Army Training Center and Fort Jackson.

FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- Before I welcome everyone back from the holidays, I would first like to acknowledge the many Victory Block Leave organizers who have made this long and complicated operation flow so effortlessly. There is nothing easy about this operation. It requires an incredible amount of planning, coordination and execution and involves practically everyone on post in some way or another. This was a job well done!

We find ourselves at the beginning of a new year, ready to take on new challenges, and looking forward to what promises to be a year of exciting change and improvement as we continue toward our goals, and building on our past year's accomplishments.

Glancing back at 2010, you will notice that it was a year marked with a number of significant changes in training and more work in regard to Comprehensive Soldier Fitness. There were quite a few significant and noteworthy accomplishments around post. Three of the biggest were the opening of the Master Resilience Training school, the implementation of the new Basic Combat Training Program of Instruction and new physical fitness program, and the transformation of Fort Jackson to an Army Training Center.

Some other mile markers from 2010 included the opening of the new Armed Forces Chaplaincy Center, the completion of more on-post housing, the opening of a new hotel, the switch to a new on-post telephone system to include emergency dialing, one of our reservists being named drill sergeant of the year, and the (first in many years) enlisted Sikh Soldier in the Army graduating from BCT.

There were newsmakers, as well to include NCOs saving lives; Battle of the Bulge veterans celebrating their 60th anniversary here; and Kid Rock coming to Hilton Field to salute our troops with a Patriots Day concert.

In 2010, we have also seen a number of Soldiers become American citizens at BCT graduations, new traffic patterns on post and added security at the gates; the WTU getting on-post college courses as well as equine-assisted therapy; a new Global Assessment Tool center, as well as a new game room for single Soldiers and extended services for our families.

This past year we have set the tone, and now it's time to gear toward specific organizational goals, plans and programs as we roll out the new campaign plan this month and set the course for the future. Our campaign plan team has worked hard at streamlining and updating the plan. I am excited about the changes and am confident that the new plan offers a well-structured and comprehensive blueprint for 2011 and beyond.

This promises to be a groundbreaking year as we hit the ground running with the opening of the new BCT II complex and new Drill Sergeant School building, as well as the start of the BCT III and 2nd Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment moving into renovated barracks. And, there are many more moves as a result.

Again, welcome back to all of you and I am thankful that you made it back safely. Let's get started with 2011 - we have a challenging mission to continue.

Victory Starts Here! Army Strong!

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