FORT BRAGG, N.C. - The eight schools at Camp Lejeune and 11 at Fort Bragg are using Meals Plus to manage school cafeteria systems. Likewise, Cumberland County Schools joined the majority of North Carolina county school districts, selecting Meals Plus for its cafeteria software system.

Meals Plus provides advantages in tracking free and reduced (Title 1) meals eligible for federal reimbursement, breakfast and lunch account tracking by student, online bill payment for parents and even dietary restriction alerts on a per-student basis.

Meals Plus is already in use in many of the state's 20 largest school districts; Cumberland County is the state's fourth largest with 87 schools.

The Department of Defense Elementary and Secondary Schools has also contracted with Meals Plus for all 66 schools located on military installations in the U.S. DDESS began using Meals Plus at Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune several years ago but, like Cumberland County, added the system to all its school cafeterias at the start of the 2010/2011 school year.

In an era of greater demand on school cafeteria management for cost control and nutrition, Meals Plus is filling an ever-growing need. "More Families are relying on the free and reduced lunch program, requiring our systems to accurately track and report their numbers for timely reimbursement.

Meals Plus has provided us with tools to meet this demand while helping us manage our individual cafeterias and the entire system with ease and insight," said Kelly Jones, executive director of child nutrition with Cumberland County Schools.

At the same time, public outcry for higher nutrition in school lunches places added responsibility for nutritional analysis and menu planning, two services also provided by Meals Plus.

With Meals Plus, school cafeteria managers and district level supervisors alike have comprehensive management tools necessary to satisfy these demands, while also tracking inventory and the profit and loss of individual schools, menus and products.

For DDESS, the ease of the Meals Plus system has also delivered savings in terms of demands on its own technical support personnel and downtime or lost records created by previous system crashes. "Meals Plus has a great training and support system," said Larry Webber program analyst with DDESS.
"The Meals Plus software was so superior to what had been used that our child nutrition directors were excited and looked forward to a time-saving efficient system," he added.

Meals Plus is currently in use in 2,758 cafeterias in 27 states and 112 North Carolina school systems, including charter and private schools, as well as those on military installations.
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