FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Military police from the 16th Military Police Brigade, the 82nd Airborne Division Provost Marshal's Office and civilian police of the Fort Bragg Department of Emergency Services, conducted Operation Enforce Standards Oct. 7, on the roads and in the housing communities of Fort Bragg.

The operation increased the presence of law enforcement to keep Fort Bragg a safe place to live, work and commute.

"Operation Enforce Standards emphasizes safety and security awareness for members of our community. This policing initiative saturates the housing areas, heavy traffic arteries and the school zones in an attempt to reinforce self awareness, responsibility, security and safety," said Calvin A. Prouty, Fort Bragg chief of police.

"These efforts help to prevent loss of property, reduce injuries from collisions and ultimately save lives. The PMO has conducted five saturation patrol missions since May, which have resulted in a total of 864 enforcement actions," Prouty continued.

Patrols within Fort Bragg's housing communities are important, said Sgt. Jason Carroll of the 16th Military Police Brigade, because it makes the area safer for children by ensuring motorists are traveling at a safe speed.

"It gets us out there," said Carroll of the increased patrolling. Motorists within the housing communities tend to travel at safe speeds after patrols like this, leading to areas which are safer for children and Families.

The operation to reduce the number of motorists traveling at unsafe speeds moved from residential areas on Fort Bragg to those with heavy traffic during the times installation schools end for the day and release students.

Military and civilian police enforced the speed limits in the school zones, areas where motorists are required to travel at 15 miles per hour during certain times of the week day. The speed limit creates a safe environment for school students to cross streets and walk along sidewalks. Vehicles traveling above that speed, sometimes even double or triple the speed limit, have the potential to cause serious harm.

Butner Road was the final area police moved to in order to keep Fort Bragg, Soldiers, Civilians and Families safe. Speed enforcement along the main traffic artery focused on motorists traveling at high speeds that could cause accidents, harming themselves and those nearby.

Professional policing by the military police of the 16th Military Police Brigade, the 82nd Airborne Division Provost Marshal's Office and the civilian police of Fort Bragg keeps Soldiers, civilians and Families safe.

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