<b>HUNTER ARMY AIRFIELD, Ga. </b>- Tamerria Robinson, a 7th-grade student at West Chatham Middle School and the daughter of a Hunter Army Airfield Soldier, had no idea that writing a letter to the President would result in her being recognized by him. In his second annual Back to School speech, President Barack Obama talked about her letter in a live online speech September 14 encouraging children to stay in school.

As part of a school assignment, Tamerria had to write a letter to someone who inspired her. She chose President Obama. Weeks later, the Robinson's answering machine at home recorded a call from the White House asking if the President could talk about her letter during his address to the nation.

When Tamerria returned from school that day and played the message, she said, "I was so excited."

In the speech, Obama encouraged students to stay focused on education and work hard so they can achieve their dreams.

"I was reminded of that idea the other day when I read a letter from Tamerria Robinson, a 12-year-old girl in Georgia. She told me about how hard she works, and about all the community service she does with her brother. And she wrote, 'I try to achieve my dreams and help others do the same.' 'That,' she said, 'is how the world should work.' That's a pretty good motto. I work hard to achieve my goals and then I try to help others to achieve their goals," said President Obama.

Her father, 1st Sgt. Tomorris Robinson of Hunter Army Airfield's 110th Quartermaster Company, expressed how proud he is of his daughter.

"I am just extremely proud of my daughter for her accomplishments and the things she dreams about," he said. "She never puts limitations on herself she believes that anything out there she can accomplish."

Daphne Robinson, Tamerria's mother who is a nurse at Tuttle Army Health Clinic at Hunter, was beaming with pride, too, as her smile spread from ear-to-ear.

"Tamerria is a special young lady," Robinson said. "She takes her studies seriously, and I couldn't be more proud of her being recognized by President Obama."

Tamerria's teacher, Ivory Graham, speaks very highly of her.

"She is very well-spoken and has a great vocabulary. This is a perfect example of how hard work can turn into something wonderful."

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